Blue Apatite Sphere
Blue Apatite Sphere
Blue Apatite Sphere - Energy Muse

Blue Apatite Sphere

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About 1.5” to 2”
Discover the transformative power of the Blue Apatite sphere, a stunning crystal known for sparking inspiration and encouraging you to step out of your comfort zone. This vibrant stone is not just a feast for the eyes; it's a catalyst for personal growth and creativity. Blue Apatite enhances ambition and self-confidence, driving you to break free from routine and embrace new challenges. Whether placed in your office to inspire fresh ideas or in your living space to foster a mindset of bold exploration, this sphere is your companion in the journey towards a more dynamic and adventurous life.

Taking a moment to breathe and welcome healing energy can do wonders for the spirit. And yet, we often don't. An Apatite Sphere is the perfect tool to encourage you to do what's best for your health and wellbeing. Apatite energy motivates your best impulses when it comes to health. It inspires you to take that walk you've been thinking about, get active, eat better and relax the spirit. If health has been at the forefront of your mind, Apatite has the crystal energy you'll want to tap into.

An Apatite Sphere carries an energy that's both encouraging and determined. It's like a crystal coach, motivating you to take charge of your health and wellbeing. Use it to cleanse away all self-doubts or fears that it's too late or too hard to change your health patterns. Hold the Apatite Sphere in your hands for a series of deep breaths.

When you're drawn to an Apatite Sphere, it's often because your spirit calling for you to invest more in your health. If you've been wanting to try a new, healthy recipe or get out and exercise more, your spirit could be reaching for Blue Apatite to make it happen.

Whenever you need to motivate yourself to exercise, or you just need to connect with a health-inspiring energy, hold your Apatite Sphere in your hands and take long, deep breaths. It's a wonderful crystal to keep in your kitchen.

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