Caribbean Calcite Touchstone
Caribbean Calcite Touchstone

Caribbean Calcite Touchstone

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”Taking a little piece of the ocean with you” sounds like a cute sentiment, until you realize it most likely just means...a handful of wet sand. Thankfully, our new Caribbean Calcite Touchstones really do feel like you're holding a piece of refreshing, calming ocean vibes with you everywhere you go. Which makes it perfect for the holiday season, which is exciting but also exhausting! As a rare combination of blue Calcite and Brown & White Aragonite, this Caribbean Calcite Touchstone produces a distinct and profound breath of fresh, ocean air, and all of the relaxation and serenity that come with that. This crystal’s appearance is not only beautiful but it displays exactly what kind of energy it contains: windswept swirls of sky, sea, and sand, and mind-clearing peace and calm. Conjure your personal beach whenever you find yourself weighed down by stress, to-do lists, and cold grey days when you work with your Caribbean Calcite Touchstone. Very Limited Availability. We were able to source a small batch of these from a vendor who had older material that is deeper in color than what is more readily available on the market right now. Once this batch is sold out, that will be it! All Caribbean Calcite Touchstones will vary very slightly in size, shape, color and pattern.

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