Chlorite Quartz Freeform Crystal
Chlorite Quartz Freeform Crystal
Chlorite Quartz Freeform Crystal
Chlorite Quartz Freeform Crystal
Chlorite Quartz Freeform Crystal

Chlorite Quartz Freeform Crystal

Clearing Blocks • Growth • Abundance
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Measures approx. 1¾" - 2" • Weighs approx. 2.22 ounces
Measures approx. 2" • Weighs approx. 3.98 ounces
Abundance is a frequency, and sometimes our own money mindsets are vibrating at a low and unlucky frequency! Unlike other money crystals like Pyrite or Aventurine, your Chlorite Quartz Freeform accomplishes TWO different aspects of success: it helps clear away bad money vibrations from your energy body, AND it invites a powerful expansion of abundance, wealth and growth of all kinds. Its less-defined shape allows for patience and flexibility when it you're starting on your mindset makeover journey.

Green Chlorite Quartz is an extremely powerful healing combination; the detoxifying and purifying properties of Chlorite are amplified by the quartz crystal making it one of the best healing crystals for physical clearing and cleansing the energy of a space. It is also powerful for cleansing your aura, energy body and 7 chakras. Chlorite is the color green and represents nitrogen, an important element on our Earth. It vibrates health, growth and new life, and naturally lifts the vibration of the human organism. Chlorite quartz is often called the Quartz of Compassion, because the green chlorite is connected with the heart chakra. It is very effective for heart chakra healing, helping to resolve matters of the heart. Meditating with chlorite quartz and placing it over your heart facilitates healing, removing blockages to allow you to forgive, let go, release and move forward. If you are experiencing anger or frustration, chlorite in quartz is a wonderful crystal to use as it will facilitate the gentle removal and dissipation of the energy. A green chlorite quartz crystal is a powerful crystal to place on the alter of your sacred space or in a central place in a room to cleanse and clear any negative energy. It helps to keep the area free and clear of cluttered, chaotic, harmful or negative energies. If you are someone who does healing work, green chlorite in quartz is a must-have in your crystal collection.

1. Place your Chlorite Quartz crystal in a highly visible location at home or at work

2. At 3pm, 6pm, and 9pm, take a minute or so and look upon your crystal

3. Ask your crystal to re-set any negative money attitudes you may have

4. Replace each one with optimistic ones

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