Crazy Lace Agate Pillar
Crazy Lace Agate Pillar
Crazy Lace Agate Pillar

Crazy Lace Agate Pillar

Vitality • Grounding • Joy
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This Crazy Lace Agate Pillar is a variety of banded Chalcedony named for its lacy, whirling design. Similar to other Agate crystals, Crazy Lace Agate has a protective and grounding quality that helps you find your center and maintain a sense of energetic balance. It helps to purify your energy field of lower vibrations and fills you with a renewed sense of energy and vitality. Allow your Crazy Lace Agate Pillar to help you raise your vibration and optimize your energetic state.

Measures approx. 8” - 8.5” tall • Weighs approx. 34.233 ounces

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Rise to your highest energetic potential with the help of your Crazy Lace Agate Point. This unique type of Agate gets its name from its appearance – specifically the lacy swirls of color. It has the traditional Agate grounding and protective properties, with an added layer of revitalizing and uplifting qualities. These Crazy Lace Agate points feature a blend of white, pink, brown, and other soft colors, giving them a gentle and nurturing energy.

The Crazy Lace Agate crystal is a powerful energy purifier and cleanser, which helps you to release any lower vibrations from your energy field. It guides you to move on from any negative attachments, and supports in finding your energetic stability. At the same time, it boosts your energy levels and promotes a positive flow of energy. This rejuvenating force helps you find your inner strength and power.

Whether you are getting grounded and centered, or manifesting new possibilities, the Crazy Lace Agate Point is a powerful addition to your crystal collection.

Due to the nature of this crystal, all of these Crazy Lace Agate crystal points will differ slightly in color, size, shape and pattern.

Place your Crazy Lace Agate crystal pillar in your sacred space, living room, or somewhere else in your home. Whenever you see your crystal, feel yourself getting grounded, centered, and revitalized.

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