Financial Freedom Bracelet
Financial Freedom Bracelet
Financial Freedom Bracelet

Financial Freedom Bracelet

Peace of Mind • Wealth • Abundance
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The Financial Freedom mini gemstone bracelet combines 2 blue crystals that take you from stress to riches! Break through money anxiety with calming Blue Lace Agate and dump debt distress with Iolite, so you can move toward financial freedom!

Iolite beads measure 3.5 mm • Blue Lace Agate bead measures approx. 6.35 mm

Free yourself from money stress and breathe into a calmer state of being. Blue Lace Agate provides relief to any stress. It is the color of soft blue skies and brings a soothing energy. Its healing properties encourage quiet contemplation and finding compassion within ourselves. It is believed to have a positive effect on the emotions, soothing an overactive mind. Blue Lace Agate cultivates inner peace and tranquility where there was once stress and racing thoughts.

Wearing an Iolite Bracelet encourages you to think through your choices and habits. It won't let you settle for routine, and instead inspires you to do things differently to get a different result. Often, we become creatures of habit out of fear of the unknown. When you are stuck in a damaging relationship with your finances, or any other area of your life, this crystal teaches you to push yourself outside of your comfort zone. It forces you to find a way through the challenges, whether that means ending a pattern that doesn't serve you, sticking to a plan of action, or developing other new, positive habit. When fear of the unknown holds you back from making a change, Iolite is the crystal to reach for.

Known for its ability to aid in getting out of debt, the Iolite meaning is especially linked to overcoming negative money habits. If you struggle to stay on track with your financial goals, whether that's saving or ending the habit of spending more than you have, then Iolite can support you in staying committed to new behaviors.

Please note: this bracelet does not include clear quartz charging beads.

Place your bracelet on your right or left wrist - whichever feels better for you. Say your intention out loud three times: I let go of stress and make room for the wealth and abundance that I know are coming to me.

Throughout the day, every time you catch a glimpse of your crystals on your wrist, bring your intention to mind.

Before you go to sleep, take your bracelet off and place it on top of a Selenite crystal to cleanse.

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