Love & Riches Bracelet
Love & Riches Bracelet
Love & Riches Bracelet
Love & Riches Bracelet

Love & Riches Bracelet

Manifestation • New Opportunities • Shine Bright
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Attention crystal lovers – in Heather’s words – this is a RUN don’t walk piece: Meet our limited edition Herkimer Diamond Bracelet, designed to help you shine bright and manifest your dreams faster. With its double-terminated points, this bracelet directs energy in both directions, amplifying your ideas, dreams, and goals. Herkimer Diamonds remind you to love yourself and stay focused on what you want to create. Embrace the power of asking, aligning, and allowing as you watch your intentions come to life at double the speed.

Size: 7.5" with 3-4mm beads. Because this item is limited edition, it is not eligible for discounts.

Imagine a life where your goals are achieved with effortless grace and your dreams come to life at double the speed. That's the promise of the Love & Riches Bracelet, a limited edition masterpiece featuring a radiant Herkimer Diamond. Known for its high frequency and natural double-terminated points, this exquisite bracelet is designed to amplify your ideas, dreams, and goals, directing energy outward in both directions.

The Power of Herkimer Diamonds

Herkimer Diamonds are more sought after than traditional diamonds for a reason. Their unique structure and high frequency make them powerful tools for those who seek to manifest their desires quickly and effectively. When you wear this bracelet, you're not just adorning yourself with a beautiful piece of jewelry; you're aligning yourself with the universe's abundant energy.

Amplify Your Intentions

The Love & Riches Bracelet serves as a constant reminder to love yourself and stay focused on what you want to create. Its double-terminated points radiate energy, magnifying your intentions and doubling the speed at which they manifest. Picture this bracelet as a genie that grants wishes—ask, align, and allow your dreams to come true.

Why You Need to Be Wearing Herkimer Diamonds

  • High Frequency Energy: More sought after than traditional diamonds, Herkimer Diamonds resonate at a higher frequency, making them perfect for manifestation.
  • Double-Terminated Points: These unique points radiate energy in both directions, amplifying your intentions and speeding up the manifestation process.
  • Enhances Self-Love: Magnifies your self-love, allowing you to receive beyond your wildest dreams.
  • Manifestation Power: Like wearing a genie that grants wishes—ask and you shall receive.

Set Your Intention: Before putting on your Love & Riches Bracelet, take a moment to set a clear intention. What do you want to manifest? Be specific.

Wear Daily: Wear your bracelet every day to keep your intentions close and your energy aligned. The Herkimer Diamond will work its magic as you go about your daily activities.

Visualize: Spend a few minutes each day visualizing your goals and dreams as if they have already come true. Feel the emotions associated with achieving them.

Affirm: Use the affirmation, "I am a creator. I ask for what I want, and it happens," to reinforce your intentions.

Allow: Trust in the process and allow the energy of the Herkimer Diamond to bring your dreams to life.

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