Moss Agate Pillar
Moss Agate Pillar
Moss Agate Pillar

Moss Agate Pillar

Growth • Abundance • Healing
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If you’ve ever seen a time-lapse video of a seed sprouting into a plant, you know how beautiful the miracle of growth is! Moss Agate crystal embodies this invigorating, life-affirming sense of abundance, aliveness and explosive growth. These limited edition and massive Moss Agate Pillars possess a mesmerizingly unique appearance and healing energy that everyone in your household can tap into. Its soothing energy brings a sense of balance and stability, making it a perfect aid for those who are feeling overwhelmed or stressed. Additionally, the intricate patterns within the stone serve as a reminder of nature's beauty and can help connect us to our surroundings.

Measures approx. 11.5” - 12” tall • Weighs approx. 38.7 ounces

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Just as travelers once used the old adage, “moss grows on the north side of trees,” to navigate on expeditions, you can use the power of the green Moss Agate meaning to guide you on your spiritual journey. Connected with the energy of green and nature, the influence of a Moss Agate Pillar is all about movement. Not only will it ground you in the energy of progress, but it will also offer a healing energy to support you along the way. With these properties in hand, transitioning into brighter beginnings will be easier than ever before.

The Moss Agate meaning is closely tied to creating abundance. As a stone that promotes growth, it can help anyone who is looking to foster an abundance of opportunities for themselves. Unblocking the fears, doubts and self-esteem issues that may inhibit your personal progress, Moss Agate opens you up to be more accepting of opportunities. These opportunities can come in the form of romance, passion, work, and more. A Moss Agate crystal point is especially powerful because it directs your intentions upwards and sends them out into the universe. When you are in the process of growth and development, connect with your Moss Agate Point to take your journey to the next level.

Due to the nature of this crystal, all of these Moss Agate crystal points will differ slightly in color, size, shape and pattern.

On a piece of paper, write down one area of your life you want to grow. Place your Moss Agate Pillar on top of the paper and allow the energy of growth to ignite your intention.

Adorn your dinner table with your Moss Agate Pillar in the center to symbolize the prosperous, abundant year ahead and bring that energy to all your guests at the table.

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