Ruby Bracelet

Ruby Bracelet

Passion • Abundance • Luck
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Experience the radiant and empowering energy of the Sun with your Ruby bracelet! Ruby boosts personal power, instilling confidence and dispelling fear of misfortune. Embrace life's passion and attract good luck, particularly in wealth and financial matters, with Ruby's magnetic energy.

Ruby is an exceptional stone that reignites your passion and zest for life! Perfect for those who have faced adversity and feel hesitant, unlucky, or uninspired, Ruby provides motivation and drives you to pursue your goals by activating your root, sacral, and solar plexus chakras. As a potent protector, Ruby empowers you to navigate life without being hindered by fears of misfortune. Embrace courage and overcome fears with the empowering energy of Ruby!

Size: 7.5" with 3-4mm faceted beads

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