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Fluorite Point

Fluorite Point

Peace • Wishes • Positivity
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Measures approx. 2" tall • Weighs approx. 1.4 ounces
About 2" to 3" tall
About 3" to 4"
About 4" to 5"
Fluorite crystals are believed to be the home to rainbows; each one is full of color, shape and dimension. Ward off negative energy with the soothing vibrations of a Rainbow Fluorite Point, and keep your aura shining bright! Fluorite lends you the structure you need to reorganize a scattered mind. Its ability to harness spiritual restlessness, usher in focus and grounding emotions to a point of central strength makes it a valuable stone to have in one’s collection. Deflect that negativity while enhancing personal power by placing a Fluorite Point at work, under your pillow or wherever your emotions are being most tested.

Rainbow Fluorite flourishes under the pressure of chaos. When the mind is scattered with a mess of thoughts, to-do’s and general anxieties, a Fluorite point lends you the structure you need to reorganize. This support is what keeps your mind and spirit solid even around toxic people. If you notice that you are feeling unordinarily tired, emotionally drained or that increased negativity is leading you to snap more often than you normally would, you may have a negative influence that is affecting your personality.

People who feed off of your light rather than add to it can leave you feeling depleted, especially if they are a significant part of your life. Balance that presence by strengthening your internal emotional supports and expanding self-confidence with Fluorite. Manipulators will find it difficult to control you when you are working with this chakra harmonizing, re-centering crystal. Fluorite Points connect with the third eye and heart chakra to give emotional strength, while cleansing the entire chakric field to bestow emotional balance and energy flow.

Found in China, these AAA-grade Rainbow Fluorite points’ composition of calcium fluoride forms crystals that naturally occur in a wide range of colors. Fluorite’s spectrum of colors, often displayed within one rainbow holding specimen, are what make this crystal so popular among collectors. Its ability to harness spiritual restlessness, usher in focus and ground the emotions to a point of central strength makes it a doubly valuable stone to have in one’s possession. If you are dealing with a coworker or boss who devalues you, or a family member who leaves you feeling disheartened, placing a Fluorite point on your desk at work, or under your pillow during sleep is a great way to deflect that negativity while enhancing personal power.

Each color of Fluorite has a slightly different energy. All of these points are multicolored, rainbow fluorite, but some have more of a dominance of purple, green or teal:

Green Fluorite: Having a surplus of energy is great, until that energetic excess begins fueling anxieties. If you need help getting to the root of an emotional strife, Green Fluorite not only calms and clears the mind and spirit, it increases the powers of intuition. Embrace the subconscious mind with Green Fluorite so that you can address what needs or issues are being overlooked.

Purple Fluorite: The soft, supportive energy of Purple Fluorite radiates with the essence of spiritual light. When connected with Purple Fluorite, a violet flame illuminates the soul with tranquility. From a place of peace, the third eye is stimulated so that clarity can bring focus to intuition.

Multicolored Fluorite: What better crystal to bring balance to the many colors of your aura than Rainbow Fluorite? It unifies the mind with the spirit, and grounds the higher chakras with a sense of organization and stability. Calm mental chaos with the harmony of the Universe, and let Rainbow Fluorite add some color to a dulled or dampered spirit.

When you are drawn to a Fluorite Point, it may be a sign that you need more mental peace. If you feel your mind racing constantly, a Fluorite Point can help soothe and organize your mental state. Go from being all over the place to having direction. This is especially useful if you are under pressure and need to prioritize and structure your thought process.

Your connection to this crystal may also indicate that you need to replace negative energy with the positive, magical vibes of a Fluorite Point. Let its rainbow bring light and positivity into your life by bringing harmony to the chakras.

Ask your inner guidance, what are 5 things I can do today to bring more peacefulness and tranquility into my life? These can be simple things, such as get to bed earlier, listen to uplifting music, commit to a meditation practice etc. Everyone's formula will be a little different, but that's where the magic of your personal formula lies.

Place your fluorite point down and grab your pen and paper. Write down the 5 things you are going to commit to for the next 5 days to add an element of peace in your life. Fold the paper towards you and place your Fluorite point atop it, placing it in a prominent place where you will be reminded of your commitment each and everyday.

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