The Prosperity Formula Class

The Prosperity Formula Class

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Are you ready to change your financial state and achieve your financial goals? This online 1-hour class with crystal expert and Energy Muse founder Heather Askinosie will teach you a powerful formula for prosperity that you can use anytime you want to get instant change in the financial realm. This class has three parts: an environmental check-list, a prosperity reset, and a crystal action plan. Together, these three steps will guide you to address the energetic and physical aspects of your space and your own energy, as well as set you up for success in achieving your goals. Once you purchase the class, you will receive a link to watch the pre-recorded 1-hour online class. You can use this link to watch the class any time, as many times as you wish. You will also receive a digital PDF workbook which you will use during the class.

Taught by crystal expert and Energy Muse founder Heather Askinosie, this 1-hour digital class will guide you through three main parts of the prosperity formula:

Part 1: The Environmental Check-List. In the first part of the class, you will be guided through an environmental check-list to identify areas of your space where you are leaking financial energy, as well as other common money-blocking energies.

Part 2: The Prosperity Reset. After taking inventory of your space, it’s time to clear and reset your prosperous areas. The second part of the class will guide you to clear the energy and physical space of your main prosperity areas, which includes specific areas of your home, as well as your other places like your wallet, computer and more.

Part 3: The Crystal Action Plan. This third and final part of the class will help you set yourself up for prosperity in whatever aspect of your life you are currently working on. Combining visualization, goal-setting, crystals and other manifestation tools, this step will guide you to develop a path forward to create prosperity.

PLEASE NOTE: The purchase of this digital class is non-refundable. All sales are final.

After purchasing, you will receive a link to watch the 1-hour pre-recorded digital class, as well as a digital workbook that you will use throughout the class. You can also use the formula for prosperity that you learn in the class anytime you want to make a shift in your financial life!

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