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Aragonite Cluster

Releasing Anger • Breakthrough • Energetic Cleansing
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Measures approx. 0.5" - 1" • Weighs approx. 0.3 ounce
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About 2" to 3"
About 3" to 4"
Every one of us has a particular obstacle that we spend years of our life trying to fix or overcome. But if you keep hitting your own personal obstacles, you need to expand your perspective, see things from a new angle, and have a breakthrough. An Aragonite Star Cluster has several bursts coming out of it, which encourage you to have a burst of movement and to overcome any issue in your way. Tap into Aragonite Star Cluster’s power to open new paths, look at life with a different lens, and reap the rewards of your innovative new perspective.

The Aragonite cluster is known for helping you ground your energy in the earth, adding a positive sense of stability to your life. The unique frequencies of the Aragonite cluster are especially beneficial for processing and releasing anger and frustration.

If you need a strong energetic cleansing, the Aragonite star is a must-have for your energy clearing checklist. With its distinctive iridescence and formation, the Aragonite crystal cluster is one of the best stones for adding positivity and balance to your life.

The Aragonite gemstone helps support the release of anger from long-held resentments. When you connect with its cleansing and transformative energy, its energy facilitates the purging of toxic emotions that keep you feeling stuck.

During your therapeutic session with Aragonite, get the best results by cleansing and activating its energy with clearing tools like sage, Palo Santo, and others. Then program its frequencies with a specific intention that resonates with your spiritual goals. Now that your crystal is programmed with an intention, it will be easy to call on its energy to work for you whenever you need it.

This is also the perfect time to combine other crystals like Tiger's Eye into your crystal healing, which will help you stay focused and motivated. While holding a stone in each hand, imagine positive energy flowing through you. With each exhale, feel the release of anger from your mind and body and into the Aragonite raw crystal. Once the negative emotions are released, enjoy the feeling of your spirit being filled with creativity, lightness, and pure joy, the after effects of old emotional wounds leaving your body.

While this crystal meditation is a great start for connecting with Aragonite, our CRYSTAL365 book features more healing practices and layouts, including 52 crystals and different intentions for every day of the year. Our comprehensive crystal guide makes it easy to create a personalized action plan that supports your goals for healing and spiritual growth. Use it as a reference for daily, weekly, and monthly healing techniques to support a balanced and fulfilled life.

To deepen your practice with crystal healing, the book also includes 30 crystal combinations for enhanced effects.

Let go of anger, anxiety, and fear with the help of Aragonite, which will stabilize your emotions, and allow more passion and creativity to flow within you. Its radiant energy will absorb negative emotions, giving you a chance to undergo a breakthrough in your spiritual transformation.

Hold the Aragonite Star Cluster in your hand, close your eyes, and visualize your anger moving from your spirit into the stone.

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