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Aragonite Stone
Releasing Anger • Breaking through • Emotional Grounding
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close up view of genuine Septarian crystal touchstone by Energy Muse
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Septarian Touchstone
Empowering • Protection • Grounding
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Workspace Crystal Kit
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Aragonite Star Cluster - Energy Muse
Aragonite Cluster
Releasing Anger • Breakthrough • Energetic Cleansing
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Septarian Dragon Geode
Tucson Gem Show Find
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Bi-color Spanish Aragonite
Relieves Stress • Dissolves Anger • Transformation
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Welcome to Energy Muse, the virtual home of our thoughtfully curated collection of energy tools designed to enhance and enrich your life. Included in our line of healing crystals is Aragonite, a powerful crystal known for its ability to support the release of negative emotions. Shop for your own Aragonite stone today and get ready to transform your life with a new sense of freedom and inner joy.


If you're drawn to the Aragonite crystal, it could be a sign that you're in need of a strong energetic cleansing. Along with its other-worldly iridescence and unique formation, the Aragonite stone from Energy Muse is one of the best star clusters for grounding your energy to the earth and adding positivity and balance to your life.

The Aragonite gemstone is especially helpful for releasing anger from long-held resentments. When you connect with its cleansing and transformative energy, it supports the purging of toxic emotions that are holding you back from your true potential. With over 20 years of experience in healing crystals, we have found that a combination of intention and daily commitment is the key to getting the best results with Aragonite crystals.


Aragonite Crystal

To get the most out of your therapeutic session, we recommend cleansing your Aragonite star cluster and programming it with an intention. At Energy Muse, we feature a line of energy tools that can quickly cleanse and activate your crystals such as sage, Palo Santo, and more. Once your crystal is programmed with an intention, you can call on its energy to work for you whenever you need it.

Next, hold the crystal in your hand and close your eyes. You can also hold Tiger's Eye in your other hand for an increase in focus and motivation. Take a deep few deep breaths, breathing in positivity and exhaling a release of anger into the stone. Then, feel your spirit being filled with creativity and lightness that comes from removing old emotional wounds from your past.

For more healing practices and layouts, our CRYSTAL365 book includes 52 crystals and a wide range of different intentions for every day of the year. With our comprehensive crystal guide, you can create a personalized action plan that supports your unique goals for healing and spiritual growth. Use it as a reference for daily, weekly, and monthly healing techniques to support a balanced and fulfilled life. To deepen your practice with crystal healing, the book also includes 30 crystal combinations for enhanced effects.

When you let go of anger, anxiety, and fear with the help of Aragonite, it will help stabilize your emotions, leading to more passion and creativity from within. Use its radiant energy to absorb negative emotions, allowing you to reach a breakthrough in your spiritual transformation. Once you are released from the trap of negativity, you can enjoy lighter energy that flows with positivity.