Crystal Books & Card Decks

Crystal Books & Card Decks

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Daily Crystal Inspiration Card Deck
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Amethyst Card Holder
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Crystal Muse Book - Energy Muse
Crystal Muse Book - Energy Muse
Crystal Muse Book
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Daily Crystal Tracker by Energy Muse
Daily Crystal Tracker Notepad
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The Crystal Muse Book Bundle
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Want to go even deeper into your work with healing crystals? Want to know if your favorite crystals are used for other intentions or manifestation purposes? We’re here to help you take your love for crystals to the next level with books about crystals and crystal cards deck. With these resources by your side, you’ll learn more about the crystals you love and strengthen their connection with your soul.

Educating yourself on the benefits of crystals through crystal books and other resources, you can enhance your connection with gemstones and identify their healing properties. That’s why our team at Energy Muse has hand-picked this crystals book and card deck because we believe every crystal collector and intention-setter should have these resources on hand. 

Discover a wealth of inspiration with our collection of crystal healing books and card decks at Energy Muse.

Daily Crystal Inspiration Deck

Whether you’re new to crystals or just want to garner a deeper understanding of their powerful energies and vibrations, you’ve come to the right place. With the help of a crystal cards deck, you’ll easily be able to stay on track of your spiritual goals and improve your daily routine in a way that benefits your goals and aspirations. 

You'll never run out of ideas for healing and spiritual transformation with our Daily Crystal Inspiration Deck, which includes 52 cards and a 77-page guide book. Using your intuition as a guide, this crystal card deck will help you gain insight into your life. The cards also make it easy to incorporate a daily practice of crystal healing, which will help jumpstart your spiritual evolution.

Each card that you're drawn to is another key part in deepening the connection to your higher self. Anytime you need an energetic boost, use these cards and the step-by-step guide to connect with yourself through the high frequencies of healing crystals. In our 20 years of experience with crystal healing, we have found the combination of intention and daily practice is the real game-changer in making crystals work for you. Simply choose your cards and follow your heart.

Crystal Books 

Crystal books make great additions to your coffee table or your bookshelf. Books are filled with the knowledge you need to improve your relationship with crystals and to get the most of their powerful vibrations and energies. Whether you’re new or you’ve incorporated crystals into your life for a while, you can’t go wrong with having books about crystals by your side, so you can expand your knowledge and get more out of the experience.

As you add to your collection of crystals or test the waters with different gemstones, you’ll need a trusted resource by your side so you can reference them whenever you want.

One of our highly sought out for books about crystals includes the best-selling Crystal Muse Book, a useful, back to basics collection of everyday rituals that can be used for a wide range of intentions. A mix of authentic stories of healing transformations with practical crystal recipes allows you to easily harness crystal energy and enhance your life.

If you are a novice, this book demystifies crystal healing with tried-and-true therapeutic practices that have worked for us and many others. For those who have been on the journey much longer, there's always something new to learn about the mineral kingdom. Included in this popular crystals for beginners book, our real-life testimonials and comprehensive information on different crystals is a great reference for both novices and the more advanced crystal lovers.

As you embark on the journey to learn more about healing crystals with our crystals book and card deck, we also recommend having a Daily Crystal Tracker Notepad by your side. This notepad is perfect for succeeding and manifesting everything you’ve been visualizing for yourself, especially at the start of a new year. This worksheet notepad will guide you towards tracking your progress over the course of the year. 

As you take the time to fill out the tracker everyday, you’ll be actively thinking about your intention. This will help elevate the vibrations of your intention and help you strengthen your spiritual side. This notepad is the perfect complement for any of our other books about crystals and crystal cards deck you feel connected to on our site. 

Ready to expand what you know and get one step closer to your intentions with crystals books and card deck? Receive expert guidance from our line of crystal healing books and card decks at Energy Muse today.