Crystal Touchstones

Crystal Touchstones

As a favorite gemstone shape for meditation, the touchstone crystal fits perfectly in the palm of your hand. Also referred to as a palm stone, a touchstone crystal is one of the easiest ways to align your spirit with the energy you want to attract. By simply holding touchstone crystals in each hand, you can create a powerful shift in your emotional state.

Palm stones are the perfect complement for any meditation or healing practices. Once you get your hands on one, you'll notice they are much smaller than other energy stones and crystals. They have a flat, oval shape and are smooth to the touch and polished to perfection. The unique shape makes it easy to hold them in your palms: and experience their calming energies and touchstone meaning in your own hands.

Touchstone Meaning

Every touchstone has a different meaning and can help you realign your emotions and intentions. When searching for touchstones for meditation, you’ll want to consider your current needs as an individual. Listen to your intuition and feel how your body reacts. Your energy will gravitate toward the vibrations you’re currently missing in your life and put you on the path toward your true self.

If you’re feeling disconnected from your intentions and aren’t sure where to start, you’ll want to consider what you think you’re currently missing from your life and find a palm stone that can help.

We recommend getting started with a Girasol Moon Quartz. This touchstone meaning will bring your intentions to fruition and help you calm your emotions and think more clearly about everything around you.

If you’re only looking to make your meditation experiences more fruitful with a touchstone, our seven-stone chakra may be the perfect complement to help you realign spiritually. This touchstone crystal can help you feel more in touch with your seven chakras and provide the balance you need to restore the mind, body, and spirit.

Don’t be afraid to explore touchstone meaning and find one that works for you and the path you choose to take in life. Once you find the right touchstones, you’ll be able to take your meditation and meditating experience to the next level.

Touchstone Crystal and their uses

You can also harness the powerful transformative energy of palm stones when used in meditation. Sometimes, we need more support to keep cluttered thoughts from ruling our minds, which is why meditation is helpful because it encourages us to be still and focus, allowing an easier transition into a mindful state of clarity and balance.

When you hold palm stones during meditation, it can help clear the mind of negative emotions or doubts, helping to deepen your meditation practice by giving you the support you need to fully drop in. When you hold a touchstone crystal in each hand, it creates a sense of balance, which in turn, helps to generate a positive flow of energy throughout your mind, body and spirit. For the best results, we recommend programming your crystal with an intention and then carrying it in your pocket or purse. This way, its healing energy will help you stay balanced and in sync with your intention.

Some individuals also like to use touchstones to hold during stressful situations. That’s why they are often also referred to as worry stones. The smooth, polished texture can help alleviate unwanted feelings of anxiety and worry during stressful situations. All you need to do is rub your finger and your thumb against the palm stone. Allow the energies and vibrations to take hold and calm you from the inside out. You never know what the day might bring, and it never hurts to have a touchstone crystal close to you, wherever you go.

Touchstone Crystal Catalog

At Energy Muse, we have thoughtfully curated a selection of palm stones and are available in our online touchstone crystal catalog. Each touchstone crystal is known for its unique energetic properties, which can help with a variety of intentions, from clarity and energizing to peace and grounding.

The Labradorite Palm Stone is one of the best stones for embracing your limitless potential and renewing a sense of power and purpose into the heart. Hold on to this powerful palm stone and allow it to create an energetic shield that guards your aura from unwanted energy and strengthens your inner spirit. When you connect with the healing energy of Labradorite, it will rekindle that magic in your spirit and reinfuse your world with light.

Considered the best crystal for energy cleansing, the Selenite Palm Stone acts as a liquid light treatment that quickly unblocks stagnant energy. Thanks to its amazing ability to unblock any stagnant energy, it can also be used as a powerful energy cleansing tool when placed next to other crystals in your collection. We also recommend using it during meditation when you need an energetic tune-up and realignment.

Another stone you should consider adding to your crystal collection is the Rose Quartz Palm Stone. Its energy promotes love and compassion, helping to remind us that we must cultivate feelings of unconditional self-love before we can love others. When you connect with its energy, you can use it to strengthen bonds between loved ones and encourage feelings of sympathy.

Are you ready to experience energy stones and crystals for yourself? Shop our touchstone crystal catalog today and find the perfect energy enhancing tools for bringing blessings and healing into your life.

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