genuine polychrome desert jasper smooth polished touchstone by Energy Muse
group of genuine polychrome desert jasper smooth polished touchstones by Energy Muse

Polychrome Jasper Touchstone

Vitality • Action • Passion
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Sometimes, after a setback, it’s hard to pull ourselves back up and keep on truckin’. We feel as though our inner fire has fizzled out, making us feel a little despairing and without hope that we can make “it” happen, regardless of what it is! If your inner fire needs a little rekindling and get some help reawakening your sense of hope, optimism, and personal power, it’s time to work with our new Polychrome Jasper Touchstone! Also known as Desert Jasper, this crystal’s forte is infusing you with the kind of resilience, hardiness, and ability to flourish in adverse environments and situations you might find in a desert. Use the resilient strength of this stone’s energy to inspire fresh creativity and passion, particularly in your love life. No matter what stresses are holding you back from enjoying your life, you can use desert jasper energy to ground your spirit in something positive. Shift your perspective by tapping into the energy of desert jasper benefits, and you’ll be able to adapt and thrive in any situation.

Measures approx. 2" - 2.5" • Weighs approx. 3.576 ounces

Polychrome Jasper, also called Desert Jasper, is a crystal of exuberance, vitality and vibrancy. This particular form of jasper crystal was recently discovered in Madagascar and is renowned for its vibrant, earthy colors. It is these very earthbound hues that help your Polychrome Jasper Touchstone imbue you with grounding, stabilizing, and centering energy. But while it is grounding, this crystal is also strongly connected to the element of fire, embodying the energy of action, creativity and passion. If you need to embody the energy of action, creativity, and passion, you need to add Polychrome Jasper to your crystal arsenal.

A polychrome jasper crystal touchstone makes the perfect personal talisman because it fits perfectly in your palm, purse or pocket, making it easy to tap into its hopeful, happy, and determined energy wherever you may find yourself.

Each polychrome jasper crystal palm stone is unique and beautiful, and possesses a unique color combination. Your mind will connect with the colors within the swirled, earthy pattern of the Jasper. Each of the colors is said to symbolize something different:

  • Scarlet: the color of strength & vitality. It combines the energy of the red ray and the joy of the orange ray. Whether the surface of the crystal has scarlet in it, polychrome jasper crystals are often this color inside the crystal.
  • Rose: the color of new love & new relationships. It inspires awe, rejuvenation and renewal.
  • Violet: brings magic back into your life, inspiring you to achieve your dreams.
  • Greens & Turquoise: helps to temper excesses, relieve stress and restore the calm after the storm. It also helps to ward off harm and protect you.
  • Gold & Tans: brings happiness and cheerfulness. It helps you enjoy the simple things in life.

An easy way to use a Polychrome Jasper Touchstone is to set an intention with a very specific end goal in mind, usually a SMART goal (SMART stands for Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant (or Realistic), and Time-based). Write out your SMART goal on a piece of paper, then hold your Desert Jasper Touchstone to your chest and say a mantra such as"let the energy of this stone relight my vibrancy, vitality, exuberance, determination and creative fire”. Then place your Polychrome Jasper Touchstone on top of your sheet of paper to infuse it with fresh inspiration, energy, and joyful courage.

Meditate with your Polychrome Jasper Touchstone to increase your positive thinking, resilience, and personal power.

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