A Guide to Crystal Shapes

Your future's taking shape! Amplify the power your intentions when you team up crystal energy + shape symbolism. Get to know all the different shapes, what they mean and how to use them in the guide now!

Crystal Hearts

Represents the energy of the heart space, making them ideal for supporting your intentions that range from love and happiness to vitality and passion.


Crystal Points

One of the most popular shapes, this shape is a powerful tool for supporting your goals and speeding up manifestations because they serve as a conduit for directing your intention upward into the universe.


Crystal Spheres

The perfect symmetry of these pieces brings balance and peace to any space and allows for the crystal's energy to emit in all directions.

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Crystal Mushrooms

This adorable shape's symbolism infuses your life with a sense of magic, potential, and abundance.


Crystal Angels

Help you establish a portal to the angelic realm to invite your guardian angels into your life and allow them to help you.


Crystal Skulls

Help you get clarity on what aspect of your thinking needs to be transformed, improved or simply cleared away.

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