7 Chakra Tumbled Stone

7 Chakra Tumbled Stone

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This complete, yet perfectly portable, layered tumbled stone allows you to balance and align all 7 of your chakras to restore your energy and create more balance in your mind, body, and spirit. Made with one crystal layer per chakra, the seven layers of this 7 chakra tumbled stone are specifically designed to address your entire chakra system holistically. Featuring Amethyst, Iolite, Sodalite, Green Aventurine, Orange Aventurine, Peach Aventurine, and Red Jasper, this is the ultimate energy tool for chakra healing.

Designed to clear, balance, and align your seven main chakras, this 7 Chakra Tumbled Stone is one of the most powerful chakra healing tools. With a crystal layer to address each of the seven chakras, you can sit down for a powerful chakra healing session with just one crystal tool in hand. Combining the energies of Amethyst, Iolite, Sodalite, Green Aventurine, Orange Aventurine, Peach Aventurine, and Red Jasper crystals, you can use this chakra tumbled stone to create balance in you mind, body, and spirit.

Using the easy-to-use chakra tumbled stone makes crystal healing simple while still providing the full benefits of crystals. Because each crystal layer has a specific energy and color to match the chakra it is associated with, you can focus on the crystals within your chakra pyramid and use them to create a powerful shift in your overall energy. From clearing your heart chakra of negativity to bringing peace and relaxation to your third eye, this chakra pyramid allows you to make sure your chakras are vibrating at a natural frequency.

During your meditation in a seated position, hold the tumbled stone at the center of your chest or place it in front of you. Visualize each of your chakra beings aligned and cleared. Start at the bottom (Red Jasper for the root chakra) and work your way up to the top (Amethyst for the crown chakra). When you are finished, place your 7 Chakra tumbled stone somewhere you will see it throughout the day as a reminder to stay in alignment.

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