Abundance Crystal Chandelier
Group of 5 gold draped chain natural crystal chandeliers hanging on branch of a tree outside by Energy Muse
close up of gold crystal chandelier with natural clear quartz point, evil eye charms, clear crystal faceted prism ball and loop by Energy Muse
Genuine Clear Quartz point inside metallic gold octahedron chandelier suncatcher with evil eye beads by Energy Muse

Abundance Crystal Chandelier

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Abundance comes in many forms, and the new Abundance Crystal Chandelier will help you clearly define your abundance and wealth goals and channel a lot of intentional and amplifying energy for them. The Clear Quartz in this piece amplifies not only your intentions for receiving more abundance but protects all of the abundance you already possess (whether financial or otherwise). Clear Quartz crystal, a stone of manifestation and clarity helps you to align with the energy of wealth and make yourself a magnet for success. Whether you are manifesting a new job, a new home, greater financial wealth, or any other intention, this Clear Quartz crystal chandelier can support your intentions. This suncatcher-style crystal chandelier will hang freely, allowing its multi-dimensional movement to radiate an energy or plentitude. Its free movement allows you to harness crystal energy in a whole new way. Due to the special, one-of-a-kind nature of the chandeliers, these pieces are final sale. This product is excluded from all coupon codes or offers.

This stunning piece combines the clarity-boosting powers of Clear Quartz with sacred geometry and the intention you program it with, filling your home with magnetism, positivity and prosperity. This Clear Quartz crystal chandelier is a beautiful and energetically powerful addition to any space you want to fill with bright, abundant energy. When you hang your crystal chandelier by a window or other prominent place, you’ll beam pure, brilliant energy into every inch of your space.

Unique, limited-edition and never before seen in the Energy Muse shop, this Abundance Crystal Chandelier is the perfect way to upgrade your home’s energy and decor. Because these remarkable pieces are hand-crafted and completely one-of-a-kind, no one else will have the exact same crystal chandelier as the one you receive!

Clear Quartz crystal is a powerful tool to help you manifest your wealth intentions. The Clear Quartz crystal properties work by boosting your manifestation power and helping you to attract new opportunities and abundance. Because Clear Quartz is such a powerful crystal for enhancing and magnifying your intentions, it is the perfect stone to program with your intentions not only of gaining more abundance but also respecting and being grateful for all that you already have. Placing this Abundance Crystal Chandelier in your home office, workplace, living room, and front door.

The frame the main crystal is held within is a hexahedron, which is a shape in sacred geometry that connects to the energy of the Earth. This helps keep the energy of your home grounded while still being elevated by hanging your Harmony Crystal Chandelier in a high place.

Carefully cradle the hexahedron frame with both hands. Whisper your desired intention for the space into the crystal 3 times. Place your Abundance Crystal Chandelier in your living room, front door, home office or workplace or any other area of the home that you’d like to usher in more abundance into. It also makes a thoughtful wedding or housewarming gift.

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