Actualizing Abundance PDF Guide

Actualizing Abundance PDF Guide

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Are you ready for a financial breakthrough? Are you on the search for a new career or job? Are you working on manifesting a new home, a new car, or another significant purchase? Are you ready to get out of debt? No matter what your financial goal is, this downloadable 40-day crystal program for actualizing abundance can help you achieve it. This digital PDF guide includes a series of exercises designed to help you dive deeper into your money mind-set so you can shift it and break through your energetic blocks. By timelining your beliefs, you can discover your self-limiting patterns that are blocking you from reaching your full potential. From there, you will be guided to envision your life after achieving your goal, craft a new Money Mantra for yourself, design a crystal altar to support your intention, and track your progress throughout the entire 40-day program.

Manifestation is a powerful tool to create the life of your dreams, but actualization takes it one step further. Through this 5-part program for actualizing abundance, you will dive deeper into your current beliefs and behaviors related to money so that you can move past any energetic blockages and begin to turn your dreams into reality. The program has 5 parts: timelining your money mind-set; creating your vision; crafting a money mantra; designing your altar; and tracking your progress. Throughout the entire 40-day program, you will focus on one goal and bring together your own power, the power of crystals, and the power of the universe to help you achieve it.

The best part of this program is that it can be used for any financial goal, so after the first 40 days you can start over again with a new intention. 

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Using the PDF worksheets, complete the 5-part program to actualize one financial goal. When you are finished, you can repeat the entire program with any other financial goals you might have.

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