Amber With Insect Stone
Amber With Insect Stone
Amber With Insect Stone
genuine amber stones with preserved insects under UV light by Energy Muse
genuine Amber stones with preserved insects by Energy Muse

Amber With Insect Stone

Protection • Ancient Wisdom • Empowering
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Want an insider tip about Amber from Heather? It bestows its owner with magnetism and charisma. It’s a stone of beauty, healing, and a super dose of energetic medicine. Because it holds millions of years of earthly history and wisdom in it, plus the inclusion of preserved insects in the amber, these golden yellow stones are of higher quality. Measures approx. ½” • Weighs approx. 0.04 ounces

Amber's highly protective properties makes it an essential energy for on-the-go energy shielding! With its thousands of years or Earthly wisdom, your Amber stone emits an empowering light that lets your inner warrior out!

Amber is fossilized resin from evergreen trees, and is considered to have a powerful healing energy like other gemstones do; carry your smooth amber stone and harness its protective, restorative and soothing energies.

Measures approx. ½” • Weighs approx. 0.04 ounces

Carry your Amber stone in your bra, pocket, purse, backpack so you can carry its protective energy anytime and anywhere!

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