Amethyst Crystal Crown with clips
Side view closeup of a brunette woman wearing a crown tiara headband with genuine raw Amethyst crystals by Energy Muse
View from above of a brunette woman wearing frontal view of genuine Amethyst raw point crown tiara headband by Energy Muse
Side closeup view of a brunette woman wearing frontal view of genuine Amethyst raw point hair clips by Energy Muse

Amethyst Crystal Crown + Clip Duo

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Integrate beautiful natural crystals into our lives in a whole new way with the new Amethyst Crystal Crown + Clip Duo! Add peaceful, crown chakra-activating Amethyst energies directly on your crown chakra! Connect with your Amethyst in a unique way and add a serious dose of magic and magnetism to your everyday life. You can also make your special occasions even more special! Perfect for birthdays, weddings, graduations — or any day that needs an extra dose of magic, serenity, and third eye vision. Amethyst is a stone of intuition and peace: wearing your Amethyst Crystal Crown + Clip set allows you to carry that energy with you wherever you go, embodying positive energy, spirituality and peace.

The new Amethyst Crystal Crown + Clip Duo from Energy Muse was created to provide you with an easy and beautiful way to tap into your own intuition and well of inner peace and serenity. Simply by wearing our Amethyst Crown you can tap into this crystal’s healing properties, which are deeply connected to the crown chakra which governs our connection to the Universe. The crown chakra is associated with the color purple, which further illustrates just why Amethyst crystal is such a powerful way to activate the crown chakra. Wear this genuine crystal crown and let, the Amethyst healing properties will usher in more tranquility, rest & relaxation, and self-trust.

By wearing the Amethyst Crystal Crown + Clip Duo, you can connect intensely with the stone’s energy throughout the day. It can remind you to maintain your sense of inner peace so that you’re not vulnerable to the chaos or distractions of the outside world. You can also wear your Amethyst crown during meditations to open your third eye, activate your crown chakra, and strengthen your inner wisdom. If you're finding it unable to escape stressful, negative feelings, this genuine Amethyst crown is the tool you need to break through the noise and feel the pull of your intuition in a brighter, more serene direction.

Wear your Amethyst crown and clips together or separately; however, we recommend using the clips to secure the crown depending on the position you’d like to wear your crown. Add magic to your everyday life when you wear your crown or your clips to school, work, or play! Let your crown add extra special vibes to your special occasions: birthdays, graduations, bridal showers, baby showers, weddings, and so many more!

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