Amethyst Crystal Cube
Amethyst Crystal Cube

Amethyst Crystal Cube

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An Amethyst Cube is very powerful for energy cleansing, freeing your space of any negative energies or vibrations. It vibrates pure violet flame and purple light frequency, which ushers in blessings, miracles and optimism. These amethyst cubes symbolize the solidity of the Earth and the healing light energy that surrounds it. Its soothing, peaceful energies help you start any difficult conversation, hard task, or energetic up-leveling with serenity, not stress. Working with an Amethyst Crystal Cube allows you to feel fully immersed in the energy of pure peace and protection. With a powerful “firewall” of protection around you, you’re better able to handle anything that comes your way. When you are drawn to an Amethyst Cube, your spirit is looking for a tool for energy stabilizing and grounding. Calm and center your vibration with this perfectly symmetrical crystal cube. Each Amethyst Crystal Cube is unique and will differ slightly in size, shape, color and pattern.

Add some new Amethyst crystal cubes to your sacred spaces, altars, and meditation practices and allow them to provide a gentle grounding essence that feels comprehensive throughout your mind, body and soul. The Amethyst energy that this cube radiates outward infuses any space it’s placed in with peace and protection. Crystal cubes emit a very grounding, stable energy, so working with Amethyst cubes in particular doubles this effect: it allows you to establish a solid and tranquil foundation that makes it easier to raise your personal vibration.

Holding an Amethyst cube in the palm of each hand during meditation has a powerful effect on one’s auric energy. Because a crystal cube is one of the most powerful energy tools used in crystal healing due to its perfectly solid shape, it imparts you with a “clean slate” of calm energy every single time you meditate so you get more out of each session.

Hold this Amethyst cube in your hands during each meditation and visualize your personal energy field being flooded with vibrant violet light. Call to mind whatever you’re working through in your life and begin to approach it with stable, serene, blessed vibrations.

Have this Amethyst cube somewhere that it can be easily seen as a daily reminder of your intentions and your innate sense of imperturbable peace.

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