Genuine Amethyst Elestial crystal by Energy Muse
Group of 4 genuine Amethyst Elestial crystals by Energy Muse
Elestial Amethyst Crystal

Elestial Amethyst Crystal

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Due to their extreme rarity and high vibration, it is believed that Elestial crystals only come into your life when they are meant to; when you are ready for them. When they do come into your life, they will provide you with loving guidance from your spiritual realm, acting as a communicator between you and your higher self. This elestial quartz crystal is a very unique shape--it has beautiful inclusions, rainbows, markings and keyholes that are said to unlock ancient information! Each Amethyst Elestial Crystal is unique and will differ slightly in size, shape, color and pattern.

Because of their high vibration, Elestial amethyst is believed to only come into your life when it is meant to; when you are ready for the crystal. When it does come into your life, it will provide loving guidance from your spiritual realm. In Heather’s opinion, these elestial crystals are the most advanced crystal technology that exists, as they are the record keepers of ancient times; they are POWERFUL healing crystals. The power of the elestial amethyst metaphysical properties lies in the duality of grounding you while also uplifting you, directing energy towards the higher realms.

Elestial amethyst is the communicator between you and your higher self. The higher self is what guides our values and can tell if something will help or prevent us from aligning with our spiritual path and life purpose. Connecting with an elestial crystal helps you channel what you are spiritually ready to face and provides vibrations that support the development of those messages. As you continue to grow, elestials can shift to bring in new energy, evolving with us.

Hold an Amethyst Elestial Crystal in each hand (or cup one in both hands if you only have one) and recite the affirmations below out loud 3 times each:

“I am a wisdom keeper.”
“I know what is best for me.”
“Today I program my energy field. I align with strength, confidence, and inner power.”

Carry this Elestial Amethyst when you need a daily reminder of the ancient wisdom already within you, the spiritual realm that protects you, and your own innate sense of peace.

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