Aragonite Stone
Aragonite Stone
Aragonite Stone

Aragonite Stone

Releasing Anger • Breaking through • Emotional Grounding
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When you feel anger, frustration, dissatisfaction or any other heavy feelings, let your Aragonite Stone hold some space for you, so you have space to breathe. Aragonite will help you shatter through the negative feelings that are preventing you from feeling positive. Carry your Aragonite Stone in your pocket, purse, bra or backpack and let it lighten the emotional load.

Measures approx. 0.75” - 1” • Weighs approx. 0.8066 ounces

Aragonite is known for helping you ground your energy in the earth, adding a positive sense of stability to your life. The unique frequencies of the Aragonite cluster are especially beneficial for processing and releasing anger and frustration.

If you need a strong energetic cleansing, the Aragonite stone is a must-have for your energy clearing checklist. With its distinctive iridescence and formation, the Aragonite crystal cluster is one of the best stones for adding positivity and balance to your life.

The Aragonite polished stone helps support the release of anger from long-held resentments. When you connect with its cleansing and transformative energy, its energy facilitates the purging of toxic emotions that keep you feeling stuck.

During your therapeutic session with Aragonite, get the best results by cleansing and activating its energy with clearing tools like sage, Palo Santo, and others. Then program its frequencies with a specific intention that resonates with your spiritual goals. Now that your crystal is programmed with an intention, it will be easy to call on its energy to work for you whenever you need it.

This is also the perfect time to combine other crystals like Tiger's Eye into your crystal healing, which will help you stay focused and motivated. While holding a stone in each hand, imagine positive energy flowing through you. With each exhale, feel the release of anger from your mind and body and into the Aragonite stone. Once the negative emotions are released, enjoy the feeling of your spirit being filled with creativity, lightness, and pure joy, the after effects of old emotional wounds leaving your body.

When angry, frustrated, or otherwise negative feelings feel too difficult to express or deal with, hold your Aragonite Stone in your right hand, practice mindful breathing, and say in your head "I allow my stone to hold some of these feelings and lighten my load" at least 3 times.

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