Aventurine Angel
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Aventurine Angel

Abundance • Prosperity • Good Luck
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This Green Aventurine Crystal Angel combines the energy of Aventurine, a crystal of luck and confidence, with an angel form, symbolizing a celestial, bigger-than-self power. This powerful combination helps you enhance your luck in all aspects of your life, but especially in financial and professional aspects. Each one of these Green Aventurine crystal angels are hand-carved so they will all vary in size, shape, and pattern. Working with this piece will help align your energy with abundance and prosperity. Know that you are worthy and deserving of all the good things coming your way. In fact, this Aventurine crystal wants you to insist on enjoying all the good that is coming to you! The lush green color is a symbol of growth and new beginnings, be they about personal growth, financial growth, career growth, spiritual growth or even growing a family or starting over personally. This is a powerful way to support your abundance intentions.

Giving an Aventurine crystal angel as a gift to someone you love lets them know that you, and all of their guardian angels, are rooting for them all the way. When you’re not around, your loved one can turn to this aventurine angel to feel your positivity and support. The invigorating sense of empowerment that aventurine brings will be an optimistic source of encouragement from the highest power.

This Green Aventurine crystal angel combines the gentle power of the angelic realm with powerful Green Aventurine properties. Known for boosting your luck and confidence, Green Aventurine is a powerful stone for abundance and prosperity. The overflowing energy of success and opportunity that this crystal offers will help you align with your highest potential and attract more abundance into your life.

Place your Green Aventurine Crystal Angel on your wealth altar, in your office or workspace, and anywhere else you feel you need an extra dose of angelic assistance. Give a Green Aventurine angel to someone in your life who needs the buoyant, growth-focused, and optimistic energy of green aventurine.

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