Aventurine Clover Crystal
Aventurine Clover Crystal
Aventurine Clover Crystal
Aventurine Clover Crystal
Aventurine Clover Crystal

Aventurine Clover Crystal

Unlimited Abundance • Good Luck • Wealth
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Aventurine’s striking verdant hue infuses you with the twin frequencies of prosperity and good fortune. Each piece is meticulously carved into a four-leaf clover shape: a powerful and classic symbol of luck which, when combined with the revitalizing properties of the Green Aventurine, boosts confidence and amplifies your personal growth. It's not just a crystal, it's your ticket to the road of success and partner to making your dreams come true!

If you're feeling like you're always on the wrong side of good luck and nothing is going your way, Green Aventurine is one of the best crystals for turning your luck around!  Aventurine is a bright, cheery green stone that’s great for imparting good luck, personal growth and new opportunities in your life. It is loved for its ability to boost one’s confidence and courage, giving you a winning attitude. Known also as the “Stone of Opportunity,” making this Aventurine Clover Crystal well-suited for changing your luck in all aspects of your life: money, career success, school accomplishment, love and relationships, health, wealth and more.

If you are drawn to a Green Aventurine Clover carving, you are ready to stay on the lucky side of life! 

Hold a Green Aventurine Clover Crystal and perform a quick meditation with it right before any business ventures, job interviews, first dates, self-care days, travel days, therapy sessions and before any adventurous days!

You can also write your intention down on a piece of paper and place your Green Aventurine Clover Crystal on top of the paper to amplify your intention.

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