Black Kyanite Crystal
Black Kyanite Crystal

Black Kyanite Crystal

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According to legend, the blade of the archangel Michael's sword was made of Black Kyanite. With the power of this protective crystal, you can slice through negativity and put an end to toxic ties. Black Kyanite is a useful crystal to keep in your collection because it is known for protecting your energy field from energy vampires (people who seem to always drain your energy), relationships, or people who feast on your positive vibrations but offer nothing in return. Cut cords from any negative attachments with a Black Kyanite raw stone in hand. Due to its natural quality, each stone will vary slightly in size, shape, color, and pattern. Each crystal comes with a card that includes information about its properties and meaning.

Clear negative emotions and cut ties with toxic patterns or people with the epic energy of the Black Kyanite crystal. The power of rough Black Kyanite is so intense that it has long been associated as the material of the protector archangel Michael's sword. Why? Because you don't mess with this crystal. All shades of Kyanite, whether they're blue, green, or black, are considered strong conductors of metaphysical work. In particular, Black Kyanite properties are said to protect your energy field from relationships or people who feast on your positive vibrations but offer nothing in return.

You can also use Black Kyanite to help you recover your energy when loved ones are draining it. Have you ever tried to cheer up a friend and left the interaction feeling like you needed to comfort yourself? Often, through no fault of their own, the friends and family who look to us for support in difficult times will suck our emotional reserves dry and leave us nothing to cope with when we need it. This doesn't mean that you should be cold and not lend them your strength. It just means that you have to take extra precautions to cut those energy cords once you've separated. Purifying your energy with a Black Kyanite raw stone is not about cutting your connections with other people. It's simply to ensure that no one else's energy is influencing your own and that you are refilling your energy reserves. Doing this type of energy work helps you continue to be a source of support for others rather than feeling energetically down yourself.

When your energy is pulled towards Black Kyanite, your spirit is asking to detach and discord from the negative energy that has latched on and weighed down your spirit. If you have been around someone who has drained you emotionally, are trapped in a toxic relationship, or want to break free from negative thoughts or behavioral patterns, this crystal can help you separate from that soul-draining energetic exchange. Release the energetic connection that remains from the interaction; without that negativity attached to you, you are free to raise your vibrational frequency.

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