Black Obsidian Pyramid
Black Obsidian Pyramid

Black Obsidian Pyramid

Deflecting Harm • Clearing Negativity • Protection
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Your Black Obsidian Pyramid acts like a powerful mirrored shield, helping you bounce bad vibes away. It reflects lower vibrational energy away from you and shields you to help you raise your energetic vibration. A Black Obsidian Pyramid is the ideal energy tool to help you remove toxic energy, people, thoughts, patterns, or habits. It helps you to let go of and cut away negativity so that you can release what no longer serves you. In blocking harmful frequencies with Black Obsidian, you not only break ties with negative energy, but you also send it far away from you.

Measures approx. 1.5" • Weighs approx. 1.6 ounces

Black Obsidian is a stone that reveals truths. These may not be the most comfortable truths you've ever faced. In fact, some of them may be downright harsh. The thing that makes black obsidian meaning so powerful for those who have experienced it, is that it forces you to acknowledge behaviors or past actions that you've tried to ignore. Even those regrettable decisions that you've successfully managed to justify in your mind will have to contend with black obsidian's no-nonsense healing energy. That's not to say that it's all confrontation with black obsidian stone. It's also a crystal for release.

If you've been avoiding a deeper understanding of why you are the way you are, or what you can do to become the person you want to be, Black Obsidian will force you to stop avoiding and start addressing.

Perfect for kids and teenagers' rooms or any place that has accumulated or outworn emotional residue. if you have any places in your home where appliances or furniture keeps malfunctioning, place your Black Obsidian Pyramid there.

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