Blue-Green Kyanite Touchstone

Blue-Green Kyanite Touchstone

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We all have goals; big or small, we work hard to reach our desired results. But we all also slip up from time to time. Sometimes the only thing that can get you back on track is having a drill sergeant-style wake-up call: all tough love, no mercy. But sometimes we really don’t need the proverbial yelling or a whistle blown in your face. Sometimes we simply need recalibration that isn’t so aggressive; and in fact is actually healing. That’s where Blue-Green Kyanite shines. Its energy gently wants to help you refresh yourself and realign, without veering into judgment territory. It’s more understanding, and sometimes that gentle nudging helps you get right back on track.

This stone combines the powerful healing powers of Blue Kyanite and Green Kyanite. Blue Kyanite helps with communication, even softening how you talk to yourself. This intensely healing stone protects you from lower vibrations, while providing some much needed emotional balance. As with all blue stones, Blue-Green Kyanite helps opens up the throat chakra. By helping to clear any energy blocks in your fifth chakra, Blue Kyanite permits a better flow of energy to assist in self-expression and communication.

The calming blue-green hues of this Kyanite touchstone call to mind oceanic purification, making it a much more gentle healer than Black Kyanite, which has a very intense protective power against psychic attacks. This Blue-Green Kyanite Touchstone combines the heart chakra-healing properties of green kyanite with the alignment and communication properties of Blue Kyanite. It helps puts your entire system in balance, aligning the body and soul with the Earth. The combined energy of blue and green kyanite creates an intense healing vibration because it works to heal all areas caused by pain and disease. This kyanite, like all kyanite, does not carry, store, or hold negative energy and does not need to be cleansed. It can even be used to charge and cleanse other stones.

All Blue-Green Kyanite touchstones are natural products from the Earth; because of this, each individual touchstone will be unique and vary slightly in color, size, and shape.

Hold your Blue-Green Kyanite Touchstone in your hand during meditations or visualization sessions. Set an intention to stop replaying old experiences with your Blue-Green Kyanite touchstone in hand. This stone keeps good fortune in your life. Tap into the energy of Blue-Green Kyanite to revitalize your ability to grow and evolve into your higher self.

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