Carnelian Heart
Carnelian Heart

Carnelian Heart

Creativity • Confidence • Passion
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Measures approx. 1" - 1.5" • Weighs approx. 0.6383 ounces
About 2.5" to 3"
A Carnelian Heart is a wonderful tool to bring more passion into your life. Its energy is beneficial for helping you find your passion and purpose. Carnelian agate holds an energy that stimulates your sacral chakra - the energy center linked with your passion, purpose, sexuality and relationships. Working with carnelian hearts can help you hone in on exactly what it is that your soul needs, ultimately guiding you towards what you're passionate about.

What could be better for your love life than the crystal for passion? A Carnelian Heart will infuse your base and sacral chakras with a stimulus of inspiration. Feel your zest for life aroused by this reinvigorating stone. If you're stuck in a predictable rut, it's important to remember that you are the only thing keeping you there. Carnelian meaning is like a trampoline that you can use to bounce out of that rut and hit the ground running with a sense of adventure, spontaneity and creativity.

Just carrying a Carnelian heart in your purse or pocket makes the perfect companion, urging you with its energy to embrace new and exciting opportunities. Squeeze it in the palm of your hand when you need a dose of courage. It can be scary to break out of what has come to feel comfortable, even when leaving that comfort zone is what you actually want. Carnelian energy rids you of that, so that you're less hesitant to take risks and try new things.

With an empowered sense of confidence, you can take on challenges and attract more people into your life. Use the creativity that Carnelian lends to find more ways to spice up your life. Its energy asks that you stop waiting for your dreams to magically happen, and instead take action, even the smallest action, to make them come to life.

When used during meditation, the Carnelian properties can help you understand how to bring a concept or idea to life. It guides you to create a clear path and stimulates your creativity for any project or task. The carnelian meaning isn't just about creativity in the sense of artistic ability (though it can be used to enhance those talents), it's also creatively doing things such as tackling a project in a from a different perspective or bringing out your creativity as a romantic partner. It forms a balance between your mental focus and creative inspiration that can aid many areas of your life.

A carnelian heart is ideal for anyone looking to gain confidence - especially for children and teens - it's a wonderful talisman to carry in their pocket to increase self-worth, good luck and opportunities. Keep your heart in your sacred space or your creative space to help call in the creative, passionate and confident energies. It also calls in new opportunities, so using a carnelian heart on a crystal grid for a new career or venture would enhance those intentions.

Hold your Carnelian over your heart to infuse it with passionate energy. Allow its energy to break through any creative blocks or limiting beliefs.

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