Charoite Harmonizer
Charoite Harmonizer

Charoite Harmonizer

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Get into a deeper meditative state with these mesmerizing Charoite harmonizers! We have not had nearly any Charoite in the shop in quite some time because it’s not super easy to find. The harmonizer shape in itself is uniquely suited to being used during meditations, and the awe-inspiring swirling violet of the crystal connects powerfully with the third eye and crown chakras. Connect with a Charoite harmonizer when you want to deepen your spiritual practice and elevate your state. As a stone of consciousness and spirituality, Charoite helps to raise your vibration and expand your perspective. If you’re on a journey of transformation, bring your Charoite harmonizer along for the ride to support you. And with its black striations, you will be protected all along the way.

The dark violet Charoite crystal powerfully connects to the third eye chakra, the center of intuition and spirituality. By opening your third eye, this crystal deepens your connection to self and your ability to trust your inner wisdom. Working with Charoite helps you move through life as your highest self, seeing your life from a higher perspective. You can see it as a key that unlocks the door to the third eye portal, a doorway to lots of different dimensions. Your psychic abilities, intuition, inner knowing, gut feeling - however you refer to it, your personal perception will be sharpened and heightened!

By raising your vibration, Charoite helps you transform and uplevel in all aspects of life. Whether you want to deepen your spiritual practice, change your state, or work toward a specific inner transformation, your Charoite stone can support your journey and inner growth.

Charoite is also a powerful stone for meditation or other healing practices as it helps to deepen your sense of awareness and openness. Using this stone in combination with other methods can enhance your experience and help you tune into yourself in a more meaningful way.

During your meditation practices, hold a Charoite harmonizer stone in each hand to help you get into an even more meditative state, open your third eye chakra, and expand your consciousness.

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