Clear Optical Calcite
Clear Optical Calcite
Clear Optical Calcite
Clear Optical Calcite

Clear Optical Calcite

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Measures approx. 2" - 3" • Weighs approx. 5.9 ounces
See the magic in your life with your Clear Calcite crystal. Don’t be fooled by this crystal’s “lack” of color: each one of these crystals is packed with iridescent rainbows. These crystals reflect more light, making them powerful magnets for clarity and light in your life. This crystal imbues your energy with a strong positive influence of clarity and light, helping you see and think more clearly, thereby making the transformation of words into action easier. Let your clear mind make it easier for you to find your way.

Small: 1.5 to 1.75" • Medium: 1.5" to 2.25"

Clear Calcite amplifies and cleanses the energy of an environment—making it an ideal healing crystal to have in your home. It is a stone of new beginnings that raises your consciousness. Calcite crystals are wonderful crystals for energy clearing and cleansing, increasing the flow of energy in your space. A Clear Calcite Crystal radiates gentle, revitalizing energies that help to open energy channels. It stimulates the fire energy in your home to release any energy blockages and negative energy. Clear Calcite is specifically great for healing and cleansing. It is very protective, grounding and centering, helping to bring inner peace and relieving stress.

Due to the nature of these Clear Calcite crystals, they will all differ slightly in color, shape, size and pattern.

In a body layout, place your Clear Calcite crystal over your crown or third eye chakra to activate it. Place your Clear Calcite crystal somewhere you will see each day. Whenever you need to see clearly and rediscover your purpose, hold your Clear Calcite and connect with its energy of illumination, enlightenment, and blessings.

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