Colombian Quartz Cluster • F1

Colombian Quartz Cluster • F1

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These stunning Colombian Quartz Cluster specimens are both visually breathtaking and so powerful you can feel it when you’re around it. The clarity of these clusters makes them a powerful amplifier of energy. Cut through confusing illusions and negative, unproductive energy that are blocking you from manifesting with Colombian Quartz Cluster's laser-like clarity. We sourced this batch of Colombian Quartz from independent miners who truly take ethical mining to heart. This specimen was mined by hand with zero machinery, cleansed with oxalic acid (a non-caustic natural acid that’s created from spinach!) and then neutralized with baking soda water. Each Colombian Quartz cluster is unique in its shape and markings; this particular specimen, F1, displays these special qualities: it features a rainbow marking, which is a 6-sided impression that looks like a keyhole in the crystal. Rainbow markings are said to be like the crystal is smiling back at you. They bring blessings, positivity, and light into your space. Specimen F1 also features lemurian points, which is a variety of quartz that embodies the soft, loving energies of the angelic and cosmic realms. Lemurian markings are natural ladder-like striations said to act as a “stairway to heaven.” Rubbing them in meditation is also said to unlock messages stored in the crystal from the ancient civilization of Lemuria. Please note that these Lemurians from Colombia have extremely prominent deep Lemurian markings compared to those from Brazil. This striking piece of crystal technology is a true one-of-a-kind: you will receive the exact Colombian Quartz Cluster pictured here.

One of the most powerful techniques for manifestation is to outline each and every detail of your new reality. To help you achieve clarity on what you want and how to get it, your Colombian Clear Quartz Cluster will help you get crystal-clear and laser-focused. It prompts you to consider every detail so you can come up with a specific plan of action to turn your ideas into reality.

The Quartz properties also assist in magnifying and amplifying your intention once you’ve set an intention for your crystal. The high vibration of the quartz emits positive energy to support your intention and send it out into the universe. Together, the ability to set a clear intention and amplify it with the highest frequencies allows you to manifest faster than ever before. No matter what your goal, a Colombian Quartz Cluster holds the energy to bring it to fruition.

Breathtakingly beautiful and among the absolute most powerful crystal energies we've ever had in the shop, these Colombian Quartz Clusters redefine the word "treasure." When you work with your Colombian Quartz Cluster, you are liberated from the negative illusions around you and cut through to the truth so much more quickly.

This advanced manifestation tool is unlikely to last long in the shop, so ensure you get yours before it's too late.

Lay your Colombian Quartz Cluster over your chest in the morning when you wake up or at night before you go to sleep to set your intentions and get crystal-clear on what you want. You can also place it on your altar in a sacred space.

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