Control Center Crystal Grid Bundle
Control Center Crystal Grid Bundle
Control Center Crystal Grid Bundle

Control Center Crystal Grid Bundle

Mental Control • Focus • Manifestation
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Are you ready to clear the mental clutter and sharpen your focus? Imagine having a tool that not only enhances your mental clarity but also empowers you to manifest your dreams and desires. Introducing our Control Center Crystal Grid bundle, your new secret weapon for achieving profound mental clarity and control.

This grid bundle comes with: 1 Clear Quartz Skull and 13 tumbled stones: Red Tiger's Eye for motivation, Aragonite to temper anger, Desert Sunset Jasper for positivity, Bumble Bee Jasper for transformation, Aventurine for good luck, Azurite for mental focus, Ocean Jasper for joy, Chrysocolla for a fresh start, Pink Botswana Agate for self-love, Angelite for added support, Labradorite for limitless potential, Hematite for stabilization and Lapis Lazuli for wisdom.

Unlock the door to your inner sanctuary of peace, focus, and manifestation with the Control Center Crystal Grid Bundle. Designed for the dreamers, the doers, and everyone in between who yearns for a crystal-clear mind and the power to turn dreams into reality.

At the core of this extraordinary bundle is the mesmerizing Clear Quartz Skull, a beacon of purity, and clarity. This isn't just any Crystal Skull; it's your personal guardian against the chaos of everyday distractions, filtering out negativity and leaving room only for what propels you forward.

Encircling this center of power, you will find 13 handpicked stones, each with a unique vibration to support your journey towards absolute mental control and well-being:

  • Red Tiger's Eye: Ignites your motivation, turning sluggish energy into actionable ambition.
  • Aragonite: Calms the storms of anger, helping you approach challenges with cool-headedness.
  • Desert Sunset Jasper: Bathes you in positivity, even when the horizon seems dim.
  • Bumble Bee Jasper: Encourages change, reminding you that transformation is beautiful.
  • Aventurine: Opens the gates to luck, making serendipity your close companion.
  • Azurite: Sharpens your mental focus, allowing you to discern your path with unprecedented clarity.
  • Ocean Jasper: Invites joy into your life, ensuring every day has its sunshine.
  • Chrysocolla: Signals new beginnings, inspiring you to turn the page with confidence.
  • Pink Botswana Agate: Kindles self-love, the root of all personal growth and healing.
  • Angelite: Provides support from the angelic realm, ensuring you're never alone.
  • Labradorite: Reveals your limitless potential, urging you to reach beyond the stars.
  • Hematite: Grounds you, providing a stable foundation for all your endeavors.
  • Lapis Lazuli: Bestows wisdom, guiding you with the whispers of the ancients.

If mental clarity and taking charge of your thoughts are what you seek, it’s time to add a Crystal Skull grid to your crystal collection. Let this grid be your guide to a clearer mind and a more intentional life.

Find a place where your grid can be undisturbed for 21-40 days.
Position your skull at the center, representing your command over your thoughts and intentions.
Then, place each of the 13 stones clockwise in a circle around your skull. Keep your intention in mind for each stone as you place it.
As you engage daily with this grid, you’ll find yourself more attuned to your inner voice and better equipped to steer your thoughts towards positivity and success.Let this grid be your guide to a clearer mind and a more intentional life.

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