Copper Harmonizers
Copper Harmonizers
Copper Harmonizers

Copper Harmonizers

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Get grounded, balanced and centered with a simple earthing crystal ritual: break out with Copper Harmonizers! Using a pair of Copper Harmonizers during meditation protects and enhances your practice, adding an additional layer of power and healing as you meditate. When you hold the copper in your hands, you immediately feel grounded, calm and serene as the energy of light begins to fill your being. Allow the grounding copper energy to root you in the simple experience of nourishing breath. As one of the most effective energy conductors, copper metaphysical properties attract the many energies of the Earth, and pulses the highest frequencies of positivity in to align your entire chakric field.


• Copper's main objectives are to conduct energy, clear out negativity, and to help balance the chakras.

• And as a conductor of energy, copper intensifies our energy + the properties of the crystals we pair with it.

• When it comes to crystal shapes, one of the most effective conduits of energy we can use during meditation is harmonizers. As the name implies, harmonizers help us become fully aligned, centered and balanced.

• Their cylinder shape fits perfectly in each hand, anchoring and grounding us.

• Think of the cylinders as 2 energetic poles! Energy passes between these poles, strengthening your aura and balancing your energy.

One of the most effective conduits of energy we can use during meditation is crystal harmonizers. As the name would imply, harmonizers are a powerful tool to help us become fully aligned, centered and balanced. They are, literally, pillars of energy. Their cylindrical shape fits perfectly in each hand, providing a tangible, solid foundation that anchors and grounds us. As we meditate with crystals, we can visualize their uplifting light surrounding and enveloping us, bringing us to a place of equilibrium and peace, a place where we can physically be still while our minds roam and expand. Harmonizers help us connect with the right and left hemispheres of our body to tap into a state of peace, wellness and total harmony.

Hold one copper rod in each hand. You can do this sitting up or laying down, whichever is more comfortable to you. Copper harmonizers create a powerful force field of vibrant energy, creating a very powerful frequency for you to heal and instill serenity in your body. Feel its purification properties creating a fluid flow of energy throughout your body. This will assist you in dispelling negative energy from the body and mind, and bringing in mental clarity to take its place.

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