Cosmic Jasper Touchstone
Cosmic Jasper Touchstone
Cosmic Jasper Touchstone

Cosmic Jasper Touchstone

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Marvel at the kaleidoscope of colors that dance across the surface of each Cosmic Jasper Touchstone. From deep indigos reminiscent of the starry night sky to warm earthy tones, the crystal's vibrant palette mirrors the wonders of the cosmos. This touchstone is not only a visual feast but a constant reminder of the boundless beauty that surrounds us, fostering a sense of awe and inspiration in your daily life.

Cosmic Jasper is known for its unusual and mesmerizing patterns, and because it’s a less-common variety of Jasper, Cosmic Jasper is highly sought after by collectors for its rarity and value.

Country of origin: Madagascar

If you're looking to discover an expanse of unexplored territory within your mindscape, tap into the energy of Cosmic (also known as Galaxy) Jasper! If you’re looking to discover an expanse of unexplored territory within your mindscape, tap into the energy of Galaxy Jasper. This is a relatively new form of Jasper that comes to us from Madagascar. Just looking at it, you’re reminded of the flares of stars and bursts of colorful planets that make up the immense tapestry of space. The patterns created by the purple and blue orbs, and tiny white specks, stand out against the deep green background of this crystal.

Cosmic jasper crystal is a stone of joy over the unlimited possibilities within you and before you. Having it in your energy field creates positive, optimistic feelings and helps you release any stress, panic and worry you may be holding onto. It is truly a crystal that can benefit anyone, encouraging feelings of happiness, joy and positivity. Just like the boundless universe, cosmic jasper has an expansive, potential-filled and positive effect on the space it’s in. You can keep it in any space you feel needs those energies. Holding it will surely help you access the vast reaches within you so you can make them happen in your life, here on earth.

Cosmic Jasper carries an empowering energy that boosts your self-confidence and self-esteem. Connecting with its energy helps you to harness your inner strength and personal power to release any limitations you have placed upon yourself or destructive patterns you want to leave behind. It helps you to see your full potential and breakthrough any blocks that stand in your way. The healing energies of Cosmic Jasper permeate your body on a deep cellular level—which is why it’s sometimes referred to as cellular jasper—to reprogram your mind, body and spirit. This is the ideal crystal for a limitless astral traveler who wants to make something magical happen—someone who feels a constant draw to the galaxy, but does not have the ability to connect with its energy on a regular basis. Inviting this cosmic energy into your home connects you to your own state of possibility that you experience when gazing at the night sky.

Please note: we source all of our Madagascar crystals from a vendor we’ve been working with for years! Their corporate social responsibility policies ensure they respect both the workers and the land itself.

Hold your Cosmic Jasper touchstone in both hands whenever you feel overwhelmed, ill-at-ease, or stressed out. Carry it in your pocket, backpack, or purse for constant access to its calming vibrations.

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