Crystals for the Home Kit

Crystals for the Home Kit

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Your home is your safe haven: it should feel as comfortable, positive, and inspiring as possible! With the new Crystals For the Home Kit from Energy Muse, bestowing a loved one or yourself the gift of protection, love, and light for the most important place in your life: your home. Create a halo of positivity and prosperity for your sanctuary, so you feel safe and supported by the Universe. Featuring Black Tourmaline, Amethyst, Citrine and Clear Quartz, each of the 4 crystal clusters in this kit will impart a different benefit for the energy of your home by addressing four major intentions: protection, peace, prosperity and positivity & blessings. Along with the energy-clearing and light-bringing Selenite wand, you'll get everything you need to infuse your home with good fortune effortlessly. In its ready-to-gift box, this Crystals For the Home Kit makes a perfect gift or to keep for your own home.

When you begin researching how to protect your home with crystals, it's difficult to know where to start. The Crystals For the Home Kit is an easy and beautiful way to suffuse your space with a powerful combination of crystal energies without getting overwhelmed. Pick up the stones and watch as the crystal clusters sparkle and shine in the light, and get to know their energies, meanings, and healing properties. The range of crystals in this set are designed to help you in four of the most important areas of your life. These crystals are best for peace, prosperity, blessings, and protection.

Set the foundation for your crystal practice by learning how to cleanse and activate your crystals and then use them for healing, protection, and other intentions. The Crystals For the Home kit includes a Selenite Wand to activate and link the potent energies of the 4 stones, creating a grid.

Black Tourmaline: For energetic protection.

Citrine: To invite abundance, wealth and new opportunities.

Amethyst: For boosting relaxation + intuition, and reducing stress.

Selenite: For cleansing and purifying your energy.

Clear Quartz: For getting crystal clear on what you want and how to manifest it.

Place your Black Tourmaline by your front door, Amethyst in your bedroom, Citrine in your home office or kitchen, and Clear Quartz in your living room. Then, stand by your front door with your Selenite wand over your chest. Say out loud: My home is surrounded with love, light, protection and blessings. Now, walk through your home with your Selenite, touching it to each crystal one by one. This action activates each crystal and unites their energies to form a crystal grid. After you’re finished, place your Selenite in a prominent windowsill in your home.

Every month, gently wipe off your crystals to clean off any dust that has accumulated and place them in the sun for a minimum of 4 hours to cleanse and recharge. Then, repeat steps 1-4.

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