Defender of Light Necklace
Defender of Light Necklace
Defender of Light Necklace
Defender of Light Necklace
Defender of Light Necklace

Defender of Light Necklace

Shield • Deflect • Transmute
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Dark forces and energies on Earth are affecting our personal energy more than we realize. You might feel it emotionally with anxiety or sadness, physically with fatigue or headaches, and mentally with brain fog. Overall, you may feel energetically drained, a sense of sluggishness as if your energy is being zapped. That’s why Heather created this Defender of Light Necklace. Made with Orca Agate, Blue Kyanite and Selenite, this powerful piece acts as a shield, eradicating anything that drags you down and bringing you fully into your power by aligning you with the light. Darkness cannot exist in a vessel full of light.

In a world where dark forces and energies constantly tug at our personal well-being, it's more important than ever to find a source of light and strength. Enter the Defender of Light Necklace—a beacon of hope and empowerment, designed to align you with your true potential. It features a trio of powerful protection crystals that create an unparalleled shield of positive energy. These crystals work in harmony to protect, elevate, and transform your energy field.

The Crystal Formula:

  • Orca Agate: Imagine a powerful boomerang of energy. Orca Agate deflects negative energy back to its source, disintegrating dark forces to prevent them from attaching to you. Picture yourself surrounded by a protective aura, bouncing back any negativity that dares to come your way.
  • Blue Kyanite: Visualize a radiant shield enveloping your body. Blue Kyanite cuts away lingering low-energy frequencies, ensuring that only the highest vibrations surround you. It transmutes unwanted energies, making you feel lighter, clearer, and more focused.
  • Selenite: Envision an impenetrable burst of white light emanating from your heart. Selenite transforms all darkness into light, raising your vibration and keeping you centered. When worn over the heart, this crystal connects you to the highest frequency of love and light, ensuring that darkness cannot exist in a vessel full of light.

Why Choose the Defender of Light Necklace?

  • Exclusive Formula: This unique combination of crystals is Heather's own creation, available only through Energy Muse. No other piece offers this level of protection and empowerment.
  • Expert Curation: Each crystal has been carefully selected for its specific properties, ensuring that you receive the maximum benefit.
  • Affirmation: Every time you wear the Defender of Light Necklace, affirm to yourself, "I am shielded, protected, and cloaked by the light." Feel the transformation as your energy aligns with this powerful mantra.

By wearing this necklace, you are taking a proactive step towards shielding yourself from negativity and focusing on your personal development. Feel the surge of confidence and strength as you go about your day, knowing you are protected from any dark forces or energies. Whether you're facing emotional turmoil, physical exhaustion, or mental fog, this necklace will help you reclaim your power and align with the light.

Place your necklace on your neck and say your intention out loud three times, "I am shielded, protected, and cloaked by the light."

Throughout the day, every time you catch a glimpse of your crystals on your neck, bring your intention to mind.

Before you go to sleep, take your necklace off and place it on top of a Selenite crystal to cleanse.

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