Double Rainbow Obsidian Heart
Double Rainbow Obsidian Heart
Double Rainbow Obsidian Heart

Double Rainbow Obsidian Heart

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Hand-picked one by one (literally!) at the Tucson Gem Show, these breathtaking Double Rainbow Obsidian Hearts remind you that there is a rainbow waiting for you once you move through the darkness. Its energy is all about leaving the past behind to move forward. Whether you’re going through a loss or heartbreak, this stone allows you to reflect, learn and work through your emotions.

APPROX 3" - 3.5"

Crafted from the cooling whispers of ancient lava flows, each Double Rainbow Obsidian Heart showcases bands of mesmerizing iridescence. These natural spectacles of color reveal not only visual depth but also an abiding strength, reminiscent of the tenacity found within you. Such is the story of this stone, a narrative of overcoming and thriving against all odds, much like the civilizations that once used obsidian as an indispensable tool.

Connected deeply with the energies of the heart chakra, the Rainbow Obsidian empowers you to sever the strings of past toxins. Heartache and loss may have left you feeling fragile, but this heart is your ally in reminding you of the unwavering durability that defines your spirit. It whispers in a language of resilience, encouraging you to recognize your inner strength and inherent beauty, untouched by life's trials.

With the Double Rainbow Obsidian Heart in your grasp, it's time to view your past not with the eyes of sorrow but through a prism of compassion and understanding. It guides you in learning from every chapter of your life's story, showing you that acceptance is the first courageous step towards letting go.

For those drawn to its polished contours and reflective luminescence, the Rainbow Obsidian Heart signifies readiness for release, for healing, for a dawn of new beginnings. It assures you that the ache of now is a precursor to healing—your passage to a future rich with possibility and devoid of yesterday's burdens.

And as a beacon of silver linings and hopeful tomorrows, we offer you not just a stone, but an experience. Embark on a heartbreak-healing journey tailored for your Rainbow Obsidian Heart—unlock your free practice here and pave your way towards a brighter, light-filled life.

Place your stone over your heart for 11 minutes. See it absorbing any grief, sadness or pain, and then filling your heart with its rainbow energy.

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