Dragon's Blood Resin

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Dragon’s Blood Resin is a natural plant resin named for its reddish hue. This powerful resin works by clearing away all dense, dark, or lower vibrational energy. It is one of the most powerful and effective tools for a space clearing or energy clearing session. Allow the resin to burn away any negative or unwanted energies from your environment, leaving your home and everyone in it vibrating at a higher frequency.
Includes 0.5 ounces of resin

Dragon’s Blood is a plant resin with a deep red coloration. Though its name may sound intimidating, it is actually a powerful protector. The resin removes any dark, dense, heavy, or negative energy from your surroundings, leaving your spirit and space filled with nothing but positive energy.

Dragon’s Blood Resin is one of the best tools for a deep energy clearing session. When you or your environment feel overwhelmed by unwanted energy, reach for your Dragon’s Blood to help you eliminate the energetic grime and sludge from your surroundings.

Dragon’s Blood resin is also a powerful tool to use before any of your crystal practices or rituals because it clears the slate and raises your vibration. After working with Dragon’s Blood, you will be ready to manifest your intentions and move forward as the highest version of yourself.

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Place a couple of pieces of Dragon's blood resin atop a charcoal disk and allow it to start smoking. Let the resin purify and protect the energy of your environment, removing any dark or dense energies around you.

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