Dumortierite Touchstone - Dumortierite Palm Stones
Dumortierite Touchstone - Dumortierite Palm Stones

Dumortierite Touchstone

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If it feels like the universe is testing you, sending one problem after another with hardly enough time to recover in between, you may need to press pause and reevaluate your approach. The Dumortierite meaning puts you back in the driver’s seat of your life, instilling patience. Instead of feeling like you’re being steered into issues without having any control, take hold of a Dumortierite Touchstone to take hold of your life.

A Dumortierite Touchstone is a calming stone that helps you shift into a better state of mind. It’s both gentle, and yet optimistic enough to push you toward proactive strategies. The Dumortierite crystal energy reminds you that patience and authentic communication can be the key to overcoming any challenge. By balancing and aligning your third eye chakra, a Dumortierite touchstone will usher in powerful insights.

Some people jump straight to one solution before they’ve given something enough thought. If you’re quick to react, and often wind up regretting not going with another decision, A Dumortierite crystal can help you balance out those tendencies. When faced with a problem or a fork in the road, this crystal helps you to see both sides of the issue so that you can weigh out all your options before choosing the outcome. Use this stone to reprogram your mind-set into one that propels you forward.

Letting go of habits, patterns and the way you approach issues can be difficult, even when you recognize they’re doing more harm than good. To stop holding onto your old ways, and embrace a more positive lifestyle, connect with a Dumortierite touchstone. It inspires you to have an optimistic attitude and outlook on your life, and will infuse your spirit with the courage, self-confidence and harmony to overcome your fears.

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Hold a Dumortierite Touchstone in each hand, or hold one in both hands, to connect with its calming, soothing, and empowering energy. When you are faced with a decision, use this stone to help you tap into your third eye chakra and the power of your own intuition.

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