Essential Crystals for Wellness Set
Woman holding Black Tourmaline, Clear Quartz, Amethyst, and Rose Quartz crystals from the Essential Crystals for Wellness Kit by Energy Muse

Essential Crystals for Wellness Set

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Add 4 of the crystal world’s most popular powerhouses to your crystal toolkit with the new Essential Crystals for Wellness Kit. Align yourself and restore your personal energy to a higher vibration when you create a body layout with Clear Quartz, Amethyst, Rose Quartz and Black Tourmaline. You could also place your 4 crystals in your sacred spaces, bedroom, or somewhere else in your living space where you'd like a reminder of your commitment to your own healing.

Amethyst encourages intuition, opening your third eye and being able to see the unseen, and spiritual growth. Place a gorgeously glittering Amethyst Cluster in your home to attract positive energy while also clearing out any negative energy. It’s an absolute must for any crystal collection.

Love is what we all need more of, and rose quartz is here to give it to us. Working with your Rose Quartz crystal helps to heal all aspects of the heart. This stone emits strong vibrations of love. It's a powerful ally when you want to attract a new relationship, love yourself more, or heal from past hurts. By tapping into the energy of the divine feminine, the Rose Quartz properties will restore faith, compassion, harmony, and balance in all matters of the heart.

Shield your personal energy, starting from your root chakra, from negative vibes with Black Tourmaline. Whether you’re an empath who is prone to taking on the negative energy of others, or recent incidents in your life have you feeling especially vulnerable to other people’s moods, working with Black Tourmaline consistently in a body layout or when kept in your home is an investment in spiritual security that you don’t want to go without.

Your raw Clear Quartz crystal brings clarity to the mind, helping you focus and become clear on your dreams and desires. It will assist with spiritual development and removing energy blockages that occur in the body. Clear Quartz connects to every chakra, purifying and re-energizing your chakras so that your mind, core, and base are all working in harmony at the highest potential. When you are working with other crystals and their meanings, adding Clear Quartz into your body layout will amplify the energies and magnify your intention.

1. Place each crystal on the appropriate part of the body, starting with Black Tourmaline and moving up.

2. Rose Quartz and Amethyst go over the heart and then Clear Quartz over third eye (center of forehead)

Starting at Black Tourmaline, place hands over the stone and say out loud "I am protected, grounded and open to heal" 3 times.

3. Place both hands over Rose Quartz and Amethyst and recite the ho'ponopono prayer (“I'm sorry, please forgive me, thank you, I love you.”) 1 time.

4. Place your dominant hand over Clear Quartz Crystal and say "My mind is crystal clear" 3 times.

5. Lay with crystals on body for 11-20 minutes

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