Fire Ammonite
Fire Ammonite
Fire Ammonite
Fire Ammonite
Fire Ammonite

Fire Ammonite

Abundance • Positive Change • Wisdom
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Measures approx. 1¼" • Weighs approx. 0.487 ounces
Measures approx. 1¼" - 1¾" • Weighs approx. 0.925 ounces
Fire Ammonite combines the expansive and prosperous energy of the ancient spiral shape with the blessings and miracles imbued by the red, orange and yellow iridescence. Let the fire aspect of this biogenic gemstone help you burn away anything heavy that may be holding you down and tap into absolute abundance and the expansiveness of endless possibilities to grow!

The signs that this is a very ancient, very treasured piece of nature can be found in eons-old faiths, practices, and myths. Ammonite gets its epic name from the ancient Egyptian God Amun, associated with the ram, because the Ammonite’s shape so closely resembles the horns of a ram. Early Feng Shui wisdom states that Ammonites are wealth bringers, and it is believed that the radial ribs (or exposed septa, the thin walls that separate each chamber of an Ammonite) look very much like the markings on the disc (wheel or chakra) that Vishnu is often depicted holding in one of his four hands. All tales speak of the success, good fortune, wealth and total abundance that Ammonite attracts to its user. The rainbow-like quality of the nacreous flash represents Ammonite’s power to attract miracles and blessings, adding to its prosperous wellbeing frequencies. Because Ammonites are such ancient, primordial stones, they are thought to hold the Universe’s absorbed knowledge within its beautifully coiled form. Tap into its accumulated wisdom and blessings when you bring it into your home.

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