Fluorite Anniversary Crystal Chandelier
Fluorite Anniversary Crystal Chandelier
Fluorite Anniversary Crystal Chandelier

Fluorite Anniversary Crystal Chandelier

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Our favorite way to enjoy our birthday gift is to share it! Created specifically for our 22nd anniversary, these whimsical chandeliers are handmade and totally one-of-a-kind! This suncatcher-style crystal chandelier is the perfect way to upgrade your home’s energy and decor. Because these remarkable pieces are hand-crafted and completely one-of-a-kind, no one else will have the exact same crystal chandelier as the one you receive! Its free movement allows you to harness crystal energy in a whole new way. • Each one features a stunning Fluorite point in the center of a 3D octahedron cradle • Embellished for extra sparkle with faceted Fluorite and Clear Quartz beads & dainty rhinestone and enameled charms • High-shine polished metallic gold chain throughout • Finished off with a large clear crystal drop pendant with a super faceted surface that refracts brilliant light everywhere like a suncatcher! Let yourself get enchanted with the thrill and excitement of new beginnings & fill your spaces with hope & possibility! We have a very limited amount of these chandeliers available! Get yours before it’s too late. The playful rainbow-y hues in Fluorite inspire you to dream big and send your wishes out into the Universe! Fluorite fills your spirit with peace, positivity, and magical, hopeful energy so you can truly let your imagination run free. Due to the special, one-of-a-kind nature of the chandeliers, these pieces are final sale. Additionally, Fluorite is an extra varied stone, so you may receive a chandelier that's more green or purple!

Use Fluorite to:

• Give yourself a boost of positive energy that imbues you with hope and confidence to pursue your goals

• Help get out of a slump where you feel discouraged or lost

• Act as a crystal antidote for stress

• Allow yourself to dream & wish big and see all of your desires as possible

• If you’ve been feeling a little uninspired or like things are drab and your spirits are in need of a rainbow makeover

When you want to focus on your dreams and wishes, but your mind is too cluttered to concentrate, use a Fluorite Crystal Wand to bring in cleansing harmony. The peace that Fluorite fills you with will help you to approach your life from a more balanced mindset. If you're looking to create a shift in your spirit that leaves you feeling more peaceful and ready to dream again, then add this limited edition Fluorite Chandelier to your favorite spaces.

Fluorite is a stone of balance and harmony, so being drawn to it may mean that you're ready to inspire those energies within your spirit. The Fluorite point inside this chandelier is a wonderful tool to use when sorting through complex or chaotic thoughts. Using it to bring order to the mind and spirit helps you calm the spirit. From a peaceful and grounded state of mind, Fluorite enables you to better recognize and approach your dreams.

Carefully cradle the hexahedron frame with both hands. Whisper your desired intention for the space into the crystal 3 times. Place your Fluorite Crystal Chandelier in your living room, front door, home office or workplace or any other area of the home that you’d like to usher in more abundance into. It also makes a thoughtful wedding or housewarming gift.

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