mushroom shaped figurine created from natural Fluorite crystal by Energy Muse
7 mushroom shaped figurines created from natural crystal by Energy Muse

Fluorite Mini Mushroom

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Harness the innovation-boosting and dreamy energy of Fluorite with the energies of renewal, good luck, and possibility that mushrooms symbolize with these dainty crystal mushrooms! Their tiny size but powerful energy make Fluorite mushroom figurines great tumbled stones: take them with you everywhere you go to remind yourself of your personal power and ability to transform yourself. They’re also perfect for placing in your plant pots, garden, or as decor. Your Fluorite crystal mushroom boosts the intentions you’ve planted, encouraging you to take the first steps to make your dreams come true, and enhancing your ability to let go and lose yourself in your dream realm. Each Fluorite crystal mushroom is made from high-quality stone with a smooth and polished finish. Each piece will vary slightly in color, pattern, shape and size.

For eons, mushrooms have symbolized rebirth, longevity, and the power of Earth’s fertility. Because mushrooms recycle organic matter in order to grow, their transformative energy is undeniable. Frequently seen as good omens and even as holy by some cultures, mushrooms bring the good luck and regenerative energy you need to up-level your life.

Green Fluorite’s ability to connect with the energy of its environment helps it to not only purify, but also raise the vibrations of its setting. Place it in your bedroom to stimulate better communication and stamina, or in your office to activate self-expression and determination in your work. Placing a Green Fluorite crystal in your environment helps to restore balance and bring order to any chaos. They are crystals of focus and concentration, bringing clarity of mind. It also aids in decision-making, making it the ideal crystal to have in your workspace. Because of these purifying properties, a Green Fluorite Crystal raises your energy and concentration level during meditation. It helps you to find your path and commit to action. It also alleviates chaos of the mind by organizing your thoughts, so that you can better transform them into intentions. As an amplifier, Green Fluorite can be used in tandem with other crystals to magnify their healing properties. Use it on your altar to elevate the intention being set with the other crystals of your sacred space.

Tap your Fluorite crystal mushroom into the soil of your favorite plants or in your garden to give them a boost of growth energy and remove any negative frequencies. This will also increase the likelihood that the intentions you’ve just planted will come to pass.

You can also use your crystal mushroom as cute decor in your bedroom, desk, or altar.

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