Fluorite Gem
Fluorite Gem
Fluorite Gem

Fluorite Gem

Peace • Positivity • Wishes
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Every single one of these stunning gem-cut Fluorite crystals were ethically sourced and are super high-quality crystal, with extreme clarity. Its otherworldly rainbow hues fill your spirit with positive and high vibrational energy, which can encourage you to let go of inhibitions and dream big. This makes Fluorite one of the most powerful crystals for manifestation, as well as its soothing vibrations. It brings organization to worried or chaotic minds, and allows you to release trivial emotions so that you can focus on finding your bliss. With this gorgeous gem-cut Fluorite, it’s easy to gift a high-vibrational gem that's sure to light up someone's space.

Do you ever wish that your spirit could be more like teflon? With a non-stick spirit, life could cook up all kinds of negativity, and you could just wipe your slate clean. Unfortunately, no spirit is quick as tough as teflon, after all, we're not made of metal, but for a spirit that mimics the ease and resilience of teflon, a layer of the soothing vibrations of Fluorite is a necessity. When small annoyances and daily frustrations begin to eat away at your happiness, there is no better restorative stone than fluorite.

Meditation with a fluorite crystal emits balancing vibrations in all directions to help you get re-centered. Memories of mistakes that would normally fester until they caused a downward spiral of thoughts, can be assuaged by the peaceful acceptance of fluorite. In first helping you to assess which feelings are your own, and which negative emotions are coming to you from someone else, fluorite cuts out that outer influence so that you can focus on yourself.

For the self-deprecation, fluorite offers a new and unbiased point-of-view. Often, the lens through which we view ourselves is distorted, like a fun house mirror. This overly critical perspective makes it impossible to see ourselves for who we really are. With fluorite, however, we can drop the judgmental perspectives that do not serve us, and replace them with a lens of self-confidence. This inner strength will reassure us when others try to attach their insecurities onto us. If the force that is altering your mood and perspective is excessive worry or anxiety, meditation with fluorite is a wonderful way to bring organization into a chaotic mind.

Place your Gem-Cut Fluorite crystal in a special, energy-amplifying dish (we love Selenite Plates, Bowls or Slabs) and proudly display it in any room which you wish to create balance, restore a sense of loving order and positive energy.

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