Fluorite Half-Polished Tower
Fluorite Half-Polished Tower
Fluorite Half-Polished Tower
Fluorite Half-Polished Tower
Fluorite Half-Polished Tower
Fluorite Half-Polished Tower

Fluorite Half-Polished Tower

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Measures approx. 3" - 4" • Weighs approx. 7.26 ounces
Measures approx. 4" - 4.5" • Weighs approx. 10.7 ounces
Measures approx. 2" - 3" • Weighs approx. 6.16 ounces
Half-Polished Fluorite Points are the perfect blend of their raw, magical beauty, with the potent directional energy of a point. Beautiful, colorful and incredibly high vibration, this stone will radiate a constant flow of positivity, for your home and heart. Fluorite holds the secret to a balanced calm home and spirit. With the extra boost of a point, which focuses the energy upward and out, which gives a boost to what is already a must have home healer.

Country of Origin: China

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Decorate your space with the soothing vibrations of Fluorite, and you'll find that your environment maintains a peaceful, balanced ambience. Half-Polished Fluorite is all about creating an air of stress relief at home. The worries we have at home can range from lots of minor issues, to major concerns. Raw Fluorite crystals are beneficial for combating negative energy within the home because they establish harmony. Fluorite energy keeps the home from feeling chaotic. Fluorite will aid your daily life by creating an ideal setting at home for spiritual rest and progress.

Not only do the stress relieving properties of Fluorite make getting to sleep easier, they also boost your ability to concentrate. Purifying the mind of clutter, Fluorite assists you in organizing your priorities. The naturally grounding essence of Fluorite healing properties will lend you the emotional stability to better assess your life and intentions. It also creates an atmosphere of calm, stability that your spirit wants to relax in at the end of the day.

The more centered you become by syncing with Fluorite energy, the more confident you'll be in every area of your life. Bring Half Raw Fluorite into your home to establish harmony of mind and spirit, everytime you walk through the door. Fluorite will replace any negativity in the home with hopeful, positive energy.

If you're feeling drawn to Raw Fluorite, your spirit is seeking an energy to relax in - either at home, work or wherever. When you desire more harmony, balance and peace within a space, you often reach for Half-Polished Fluorite Points.

Think of holding onto Fluorite as to holding onto your dreams. Touch the raw side and ask yourself: "If I had no limitations or boundaries, what would I wish for?"

Then, touch the smooth side. Ask yourself: "If I felt 100% safe and confident, what would I wish for?"

Hold your Half-Polished Fluorite Point with one hand touching the raw side and your other hand touching to the smooth side.

Connect to your highest potential and wish for all you want in life.