Fluorite with Pyrite & Marcasite Crystal
Fluorite with Pyrite & Marcasite Crystal
Fluorite with Pyrite & Marcasite Crystal

Fluorite with Pyrite & Marcasite Crystal

Delving Deeper • Reflection • Healing
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Measures approx. 3" - 4" • Weighs approx. 5.1 ounces
Measures approx. 4" - 5.5" • Weighs approx. 8.075 ounces

The combined crystal energetic layers of Fluorite’s calm, Pyrite’s self-reflection and Marcasite’s wisdom & courage frequencies help us go deeper to discover what’s unsettling us; in the layers lies our healing!

As we open up more fully to the unconditional love that we all have a right to, we can use these stones to pave the way for greater harmony in our lives and within ourselves. When used in meditation or other energy practices, Marcasite, Fluorite and Pyrite can help us to gain a deeper understanding of our inner worlds, allowing us to confidently manifest the life we were meant to live.

The powerful triad of crystals — Fluorite, Pyrite and Marcasite — offers an opportunity to reflect and explore the many aspects of self-love. As we delve deeper, we can discover what lies beneath our insecurities and gain the courage to make changes in our lives that will bring us greater joy and peace.

The Pyrite meaning helps us identify the root cause of our feelings, so that we don’t just suppress them but are able to make meaningful changes in our lives. Marcasite encourages us to honor our unique gifts and be courageous enough to act on them, while the Fluorite meaning helps keep us grounded, calm and focused.

This incredible crystal combination helps develop self-trust, empowering us to take ownership of our life and where it is going, as well as tunes us into our intuition and creativity. Using this trio of crystals can give us the strength to flow with life’s changes, instead of feeling overwhelmed or fearful.

By trusting that everything we need is provided for us and having faith in ourselves and the universe, we can authentically express our truth and create the life we were meant to live. 

Hold over your third eye chakra (area right above the center of your eyebrows) or over your heart chakra (center of your chest) during meditations or simply hold in both hands to facilitate deeper reflection, truths, and finding the solutions within you.

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