Grape Agate Polished Stones
Grape Agate Polished Stones
Grape Agate Polished Stones

Grape Agate Polished Stones

Surrender • Emotional Healing • Deep Insight
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Just like you can't deal with bills until you open them up, difficult emotions can't be dealt with and worked through until you allow them to rise to the surface! Grape Agate crystal, also known as botryoidal Purple Chalcedony, is a rare and visually unique mineral named for its likeness to purple grapes growing on the stone. These Grape Agate Stones open and activate your third eye and crown chakras, supporting both energetic cleansing and protection.

Measures approx. 1¼" • Weighs approx. 0.804 ounces

Grape Agate has an incredibly high vibration energy that matches your energy to its high frequency. In doing so, the Grape Agate crystal properties help you to align your higher self and live from a higher state of being. By guiding you to rise above lower vibrations, your polished Grape Agate stone can both clear and protect your energy.

The Grape Agate crystal connects to both the third eye and crown chakras, which allows you to open yourself up to the higher realms. By clearing and balancing these energy centers, this stone helps to elevate your overall energy. In particular, Grape Agate is a powerful stone to address your auric field. It works by cleansing and clearing your aura of any negative energy, as well as protecting you from any negative or lower vibrations in the outside world.

Connect with your Grape Agate Polished Stone on a daily basis for energetic maintenance and to keep your aura clear and protected at all times.

Take your Grape Agate Polished Stone in your pocket, purse or bra for constant support.
Hold during journaling for deep emotional digging and insight.
Meditate with your Grape Agate stones to access higher information.

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