Green Aventurine Worry Stone
Green Aventurine Worry Stone
Green Aventurine Worry Stone

Green Aventurine Worry Stone

Abundance • Good Luck • Wealth
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Bathed in the soothing green hues, Aventurine resonates with the heart chakra, dissolving negativity and fostering a grateful spirit. Let go of self-doubt and embrace a brighter outlook. Known as the "Stone of Opportunity," Aventurine is believed to amplify your chances for success and prosperity. Manifest your dreams and watch as new possibilities unfold. Gently rub the stone between your thumb and finger, and feel its calming energy wash over you. Aventurine's tranquil vibrations ease tension and bring inner peace, guiding you towards a more balanced state.

This pocket-sized gem goes wherever you do. Tuck it away at work, carry it during meditation, or simply hold it close when you need a moment of serenity. Its smooth, polished surface invites comforting touch throughout the day.

Measures approx. 1.25” - 1.5” • Weighs approx. 2 ounces

Aventurine is a bright, cheery green stone that’s great for imparting good luck, personal growth and new opportunities in your life. It is loved for its ability to boost one’s confidence and courage, giving you a winning attitude. Known also as the “Stone of Opportunity,” making this Aventurine worry stone well-suited for transmuting low vibrational feelings into high vibration frequencies about your self-love, work, love & relationships. Perform a quick meditation with it right before any first dates, self-care days, therapy sessions and before any adventurous days!

The Green Aventurine meaning has an unparalleled ability to help you land in the right place at the right time, allowing you to take full advantage of every chance you get. Good fortune flows into your life, and you have the confidence and passion to pursue all avenues of your lucky life. You live in a constant state of abundance, focusing on all that is going your way and happy coincidences you’ve stumbled upon along the way.

Like a lucky charm, this Green Aventurine worry stone increases your odds in all situations. You are, by nature, one of the lucky ones. Let Aventurine draw out your lucky streak and help you create even more luck for yourself. Carrying this crystal heightens your lucky energy and sets you up for success with every opportunity that presents itself to you.

About worry stones: 

Worry stones are smooth, polished crystals that are usually oval-shaped and feature a thumb-sized indentation, used for relaxation or panic relief.

Worry stones have been found all over the world, going all the way back to ancient times! This method of stress relief and self-soothing is timeless and borderless.

The acupressure points in our thumbs are activated when you engage with your worry stones, allowing you a quick bit of relief from your worry, panic, or any other stressor. Tap into a grounding element from the earth and the crystal’s corresponding healing energies and take on anything and everything that comes your way.

Carry your Green Aventurine Worry Stone in your pocket everywhere you go and rub your thumb along the smooth indentation to self-soothe and infuse yourself with the crystal's good fortune-attracting energies.

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